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  1. xena

    xena Full Member

    Hello slimmers :flirt2:

    I started on Ultra Slim shakes today as I want to lose about half a stone - 10 pounds in time for summer and have been finding Slimming World and general calorie counting a bit of a faff lately. I have had good success with Celebrity Slim in the past and like not having to make too many food decisions, the stricter the better or else I bend the rules!

    Today I had a vanilla fudge and a chocolate cherry shake, I will get Slim Fast if i can find them on offer but I thought £3 for 4 shakes was a bargain in Tesco. I thought they were quite nice but very very sweet!

    For my snacks have had 2 alpen light bars (apple & sultana and lemon drizzle - lushness by the way), am going to persuade myself to do some exercise in a minute then am treating myself to a milkybar.

    For my tea I had a sainsbury's my goodness pulled pork and sweet potato mash meal with extra sweetcorn, omg it was lush and quite a big plateful.

    For my main meals I have got a couple of Weightwatchers recipe books with all the calorie details so will be making things out of them at the weekends.

    Starting at 10 stone 4 and my goal is 9 stone 10, then I will see how I feel.

    Will do a brisk walk to Tesco and get something for tomorrow's tea, then I will deserve the milkybar!
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  3. xena

    xena Full Member

    Weighed in at 10 stone 2.4 so 1.6 lost from yesterday :) Good motivation to carry on!

    Quorn tikka masala meal for tea yum yum :)
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  4. xena

    xena Full Member

    Wasn't that impressed with the quorn meal :( but still have tonight's milkybar to look forward to ;)

    Been surprisingly full so far. I'm spacing out snacks and shakes through the day which is helping and I had a hot chocolate at lunch time which was yum :)

    Been for a run tonight and burned about 300 calories which I'm pleased about :) and realised I don't have any shakes for tomorrow so will either walk to tesco tonight or go in the morning. Meant to be going to Liverpool shopping with my mum tomorrow and then to a friends house for tea which i'm a bit worried about (both!) because mum will moan at me for not having 'proper' food, and my friend is going to make loads of yummy food! I will just do loads of walking and drive tomorrow night so i don't drink, and try not to eat too much food. Life still has to go on doesn't it!
  5. xena

    xena Full Member

    Weighed in at 10 stone 0.4lb this morning which is 2lb from yesterday and 3.6 overall! I can't believe it! Nearly in the 9s again :) and only 4.4lb away from my first goal...

    It's raining so I'm not sure how keen mum will be to go shopping :(

    Will try and get some actual slim fast shakes today :) the vanilla ultra slim one was the best yet though.

    In the mean time I'm off to Tesco and will battle though the vom by the front door that someone has kindly brought in from last night. Yum!
  6. xena

    xena Full Member

    Had a bit of an off day yesterday but it wasn't a total disaster - stocked up on half price slim fast at super drug and am back on it today. Will try and make something nice for tea and tidy up so I feel better.

    Bought a new dress yesterday and I love it but it's quite revealing! Staying on track now til the party. Weighed in at 10 stone 2.4 this morning. When I see a 9 I will be a happy girly!
  7. xena

    xena Full Member

    Had a good day today eating wise. I made pasta with garlic, chilli and lemon out of my weightwatchers book and it was ok but nothing amazing. I'll probably mainly stick to ready meals for now, it seems cheap and easy and easier to count calories too.

    I've got tomorrow planned out - pom bears and alpen lights for my snacks, Tesco sweet chilli chicken noodles for tea with extra sweetcorn, an evening run and a crunchie for my treat after :) comes to 1200 calories. Don't think I could cope without my choccie treats!

    Am really enjoying the slim fast shakes, especially with ice. Especially the chocolate one! Mmmm... And I'm sure I'm saving money on food too. Skinny and rich, it's all I've ever wanted! ;-)
  8. xena

    xena Full Member

    Weighed in at 10 stone 0.8 this morning.

    Had an ok day today, didn't manage a run but I walked to the shops to stock up on meals for my teas and alpen lights.

    I have a first date arranged for Saturday! I'm iust taking the diet one day at a time but will need a few drinks on Saturday obviously! Still if I stick to it I should lose a couple more pounds by then.

    Keepin on keepin on...sleep time now :)
  9. xena

    xena Full Member

    Stillat 10 stone 0.8 this morning. Getting a bit fed up - not much energy and obviously bored of the plan! It's a good job I've not got a lot of food in otherwise I would've scoffed it all tonight. I did have adaim bar and a bowl of muesli but hopefully haven't done too much damage.

    Need to have 3 more good days at least to get back on track. might start eating my exercise calories back to keep me on track.

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