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Hoping to start tomorrow....


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Hi All,

Im new to this and its my first post...Im not even sure if im in the correct section but i will give it a go.

So after years of attempting to diet sometimes succeeding and most of the time giving up im hoping to start the Atkins tomorrow. I have the book which ive never read so will start reading that and Ive been reading the threads on this site and they have been a great help. I just need a lot of support as motivation is at a all time low and i really need to lose my weight.

I do not eat ham or bacon so not to sure what other options i have for breakfast apart from egg? any suggestions will be appreciated.

So excited about tomorrow and hopefully I will stick to it.
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Hello and welcome :) im on day 4 and im loving it and i cant see how im going to loose weight eating like this as it goes against everything i have learnt with regard to loosing weight = eating less fat but the Atkins plans says different so im giving it ago.

For breakfast you could have low carb sausages, i use tesco finest chipoltas or black farms pork sausage. You could have a cheese and mushroom omlett for example.

Good luck x


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Hi Lulunics,

Thats great day 4 hope i can get that far.... so whats you typical days food diary?

My downfall is chocolates and crisps and it doesnt help that I help out at my partners grocery store which is full of chocolates and crisps and other junk food so I will find it really difficult :-(
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its really not that hard lovie and i am a failed dieter and im having weight loss surgery as i cant get a grip, im just doing this to get my weight down first.

Ok heres what i have had today -

B - 2 chipolta sausages, 2 eggs, tbsp of tinned tomatoes and 2 x rashers bacon
L- tinned tuna with mayonaise and lettuce and boiled eggs
D - tescos chicken wrapped in cheese and bacon with lettuce and mayo followed by very low carb jelly and whipped cream
S - 2 x bags of pork scratchings and a peperrami

Im trying to limit my snacks of pork scratchings but i love them and they see me through the day but im hoping as time goes on i can drop them and i hope they dont mess my weight loss about x
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Atkins breakfast often involves learning to eat foods we'd consider 'non traditional' to have in the morning. Many other cultures have curry, chilli etc in the mornings, we're just used to toast and cereal. Try saving some leftovers from your evening meal for a really quick breakfast. Go continental and have chicken slices rolled round cubed cheese. Celery spread with cheese. Chicken strips and mayo. Boiled eggs with asparagus soldiers and mayo. Have some rhubarb stewed with a little sweetener and some cream.

Get some coconut oil and make yourself cocoa bark (30g coconut oil melted in the micro, mixed with 1tsp of green and blacks or bourneville cocoa powder (nb. Cocoa, not hot chocolate) and a little sweetener plus a few drops of vanilla or almond essence) pop it in the freezer and 20 mins later you have a great chocolate substitute, better and healthier than any sugar free chocs on the market.

Avoid Atkins bars and sugar free chocs from the shops!

Get some salami, or some cheese slices and pop the salami under the grill until it goes crispy. Cut the cheese slice into squares and put in the microwave for 1.5 minutes. Home made healthy crispy crisp substitutes.

You can also eat pork crunch or pork scratchings.

There, now you have no weak spots ;)

Eta: you can find my daily menus in the diary section - im in owl not induction so ignore any nuts you see and my carb intake is under 30g not under 20 but otherwise it's much the same. I also bumped a couple of threads here for you.
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thank you so much guys....getting motivated cant wait to get going.

How long did it take you to get to goal moonlight?

can i have the Cocoa bark in the first two weeks/ or should i introduce this after?
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Hiya - it took me around 6 months total to lose 3 stone and in that time I took 1 month, 1 week and 2 days off as planned breaks - so it really took around 4 months 3 weeks. On average you tend to have a big loss in your first week on Atkins and then lose roughly 2lbs per week. Depending on what weight you're starting at etc.

I should also note that all my breaks were planned over a month in advance, for special occasions, and I have not eaten anything off plan on any other day. It's a very unforgiving diet if you 'cheat' or 'slip' regularly so it's best to stay in plan with your eating solidly for as long as possible. My biggest tip is to always take your own food with you or know where you will eat. Even if everyone is going to McDonald's, you can order a quarter pounder with a side salad instead of fries, take your burger out of the bun and eat low carb style!

I haven't actually reached goal yet - I reached my first goal which was not to be obese. I'm just going to go and change my details to reflect my second goal which is to be a healthy weight - thanks for reminding me!
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Oh and - cocoa bark is fine for induction but do portion it. Coconut oil is very rich so it's best not to start off eating more than half a portion (15g) a day and go up to a max of 30g.

Cocoa bark itself is very rich and tasty though, you don't need too much. If its too dark for you you can mix in a little cream but try it with just sweetener and flavoring first - I particularly like almond essence in it.


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Hi Sabz and welcome :)

Why not start a diary in that section and post your menus there?


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So its my 2nd day and dont feel so bad...... only thing that's difficult is sitting at my partners shop which is just full of chocolates and crisps and cakes..... been here for the last two days and trying to keep busy to stop me reaching for the dairy milk bar which is constantly calling my name!!!!
I got some breakfast from the cafe today, mushrooms and tomatoes with egg and quorn sausages ( i Cant have the pork sausages) but i didn't eat them as i wasn't sure if i could have them in induction??????
Overall im so pleased i finished day one and fingers crossed for today
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Quorn sausages vary by kind but seem to have around 5g carbs in. You could definitely have one now and then if you count that into your daily total. Well done on the first day, keep it up!


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Hi and welcome to atkins....you have had a good start


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hi guys..... good job i didnt have the sausage (didnt really like the taste either).

Struggling a little today but i think its because im not prepared with all the food like i was yesterday. I had a quarter pounder without the bun and the gerkins. want to just pig out on crisps and cakes but resisiting whilst having a cup of green tea to hopefully kill the appetite.......
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Sweet tea with alpro or cream and canderel definitely helps me ignore cravings. Keep it up!


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Morning Sabz

How are you feeling today?


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Morning and welcome!
I don't eat meat either ( I do eat fish) for breakfast I often have scrambled eggs, mushrooms and two quorn bacon rashers, works out as 1.1g carbs for the two rashers. For snacks I keep cheese strings, baby bel cheese or quorn chicken slices wrapped round cheese slices. Planning is really the key, you can do it! We are all here to support you :)

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