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Hoping's 3st First Goal!!!

Didnt start today completely forgot had planned a girly day with ma friend and didnt wanna fail on first day!
So start day is 2moro x
Hi there! Have you started yet? How are you experiencing it? Good luck :)
Finally started today alot later than i originally said....
Been up since half 5 and just glugging the water i have only bought 1 soup into work, as i will have bits of it through out the day and then have a smoothie when i get in and then soup before bed! So want to stick to this now!
Im not feeling to bad just worrying i will fail...

Havent told my CDC i've started back on it as i have about 10 days worth of stuff to use so going to make sure i am sticking to it before i arrange to see her!

Today is a long ol day, im gluggling cups of water.....gunna go on my break in a minute and have my first soup but im more looking forward to my smoothie when i get home lol.....im so bored so keep thinkin bout food but i wont eat i know i wont! I wont allow myself.

Oh and everyone at work is gettin mcdonalds bluergghhh
Errghhhhh just had the spicey tomato soup which i normally LOVE but forgot u have to mix it differently...but made it anyway and well it didnt stay down! Have got some coke zero so hopefully will make me feel better
The amount of times I have done the tomoato soup wrong and then you get that layer of scum on the top. Yuk, yuk, yuk!
Ok so i have been faffing about the past week but went to see my CDC yest as my official re start and well shock friggin horror im telling you! 50 inch waist that was more than the first time i started soooo not impressed but that gave me a huge shock so tomorrow is my official start and i will not no way no how quit this time i cnt i just cant not only for my health but for my lil bubba!

Arse kickin in serious motion!!!!!
Goo Lukc, you can do it !!!!!

So "official" start now am on my 1.5th litre of water i only got 0.5l bottles which ive noticed helps me drink more which is a bonus!
Im feeling wierd tho, my stomach is churning, maybe its cos of the hangover i had yest who knows lol!
Lil one having a nap! Made her toast earlier wanted to eat but didnt lol! normally have my first soup or shake at bout 2 but think ill have it earlier!

Im chillin at the moment! Then when lil one gets up will spend time with her, and then tidy up!!!

1 day thats all today is then i will think about tomorrow then!!!
Time will fly by once you're in the mode ;) and the inches will fly off. Just take it one day at a time and try as many flavours as possible so you have some variety :) Good luck!
So day 1 was a success wooopwooop!!! 100% Finally! im realising it isnt me its my head i literally have a devil and angel on each shoulder arguin! Devil is sayin go on jus a lil bit it aint gunna hurt u! And the angel is sayin yeah i wont hurt but it will make u have to start all over again!
And also if i would have listened to my angel the first time round then i would have probably either been at or almost at my goal bye now!

So listenin to my angel now and jus made my lil one brekkie and normally ill jus lick my finger to get it off but NOPE i just wiped my hands! Smells so good tho lol!

Heres day 2! Another day of fighting off these stinking demons!!!
Ergh im so bored!!! everytime i go to take lil one out the sun goes in and the wind starts! and tidyin up jus isnt on my mind atm! i would love to just sleep all day but cant do that either lol! blleurgh!!!

i wish i could wake up 2moro and be skinny!

wheres that genie when u need it!
i just ate..toast! n bit of chocolate!IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT!

feel sick now! and stupid! even tho i new what i was doin when i was doin it!

back to the water and shakes! ergh!
Ergh well yest ended up being a disaster! And i came on my period! So felt BLUE!
But today is a new day and i have been glugging water and just ahd my first brick of the day!
Thing is i know this is in my head i just have to learn to control that! and especially when im on my period! I get weighed in on thurs so i dont think ill have a great loss but next week i will!
Im slowly tidying up and then will go out later depending on the weather!
Just need to think about getting into ketosis! thats this weeks goal! by and i think ill be getting rid of the packets and just sticking to bricks may get some soups tho as they always good at night!!!

keep going. you can do it. i have blipped the night before weigh in and still lost. drink loads and be 100% till thursday lady! also, think of how much money this is costing you, that'll soon put you off. good luck.

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