Horrible headache on Atkins

Discussion in 'Low Carb Diets' started by justabrat, 23 February 2008 Social URL.

  1. justabrat

    justabrat Member

    I believe this is down to my body craving sugar, I am a bit of a sugar addict and so yesterday
    day 2 of induction I had such a painful headache which tablets would not help so I just went and bought loads of sugary candy bars and junk food and juice.

    The headache disappeared. I had given up caffein well before starting this diet so its not caffeine though I went through a similar thing with caffein withdrawel.

    Any advice for beating the headaches? I know its just for the first few days and then I should be ok but I felt so sick I couldnt stay true to the diet yesterday.

    Today I am trying to get back on track.
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  3. longtobeslim

    longtobeslim Full Member

    Sorry to hear your having such a hard time with your headache,unfortunatly there is not much you can do about them,your only a couple of days in so you are bound to have them,make sure you are drinking enough water i belive it does help.Could i ask which atkins book you have?in the first book it tells you to have only 20 grams of carbs a day but i feel its too low,most low carb plans now say start with about 25 gram or even 30 grams.On my induction i had 25 grams i did have the headaches but not as bad as the first time i did atkins and they didnt last as long.I can tell you they do get better and it really is worth sticking with once you are ketosis there is no lookin back its just gettin there that hard.Hope you feel better soon.Lucyxx
  4. justabrat

    justabrat Member

    Thanks Lucy and Suzann

    I have the latest book I think as it mentions Dr Atkins being dead.

    I went off the diet but I am going to try again from today. I bought some really powerful pain pills so if it gets too bad I will hope these work!

    I have a weird taste in my mouth and my mouth keeps feeling dry and horrible?

  5. longtobeslim

    longtobeslim Full Member

    Good luck,the weird taste is a sign of ketosis which is really good as it gets alot easier.Lucyxx
  6. Deb G

    Deb G Silver Member

    Yep - carb cravings and headaches go hand in hand unfortunately - although they WILL pass! The taste in your mouth is from ketosis - a good sign -but not pleasant. Use sugar free mouthspray (Tesco's own is fine) to deal with it!

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