Hot Rubber Drinks ......?


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Well not quite, I am of course referring to Marigold ;) Boullion. I've heard it metioned here a lot.

I do have the Cambridge Diet vegetable drink, but I can't stand it it smells and tastes like old socks! (Free to anyone who wants it it's a new packet).

Was in Waitrose today and just happened to be in the Gluten Free area of the shop and saw Marigold Veg boullion for sale, one came in a metal tub - low salt, the other stock cubes in a green box (gluten free and yeast free).


I remember FatFair'n'Forty(ish) mentioning stock cubes so thats what I settled on in my little brain. lol.

Have I made the right choice? I'm restarting CD tomorrow (as it's my weigh-in day)


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Yes I would try it hun, not for the first week or so just till you settle in nicely :)

Its so much nicer than the old socks x


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thanx vicky sweetheart .... I'm pleased I bought the right one!