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hottots diary.....


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well it was weigh in time this [email protected] and i lost 3.5llbs !!! woohooo . ive been giving myself 18points a day so that on a sunday i can more or less eat what i like..so i do 6 days really angelic then 1 day naughty....it really wrks for me ! ive lost 8llbs and have 21 to go ....ive just had a baby 8 weeeks ago and 3wks after the birth i started back at ww....my jammy dodger diet whilst pregnant left me with a weight problem @ 11st 11llbs!!!!! i like to be between 10st and 9st 7llbs...i lost 3stone 4yrs back and am a ww gold member . my aim is to be a yummy mummy by august...so enjoy the ride!!!! my rule is 9 months to put it on 9 months to get it off...my pet hate is women still blaming their 2yrold kid for their weight gain.....their kids do not do the food shopping.......lol....drives me insaine...you gotta keep it real and get on with it....

dolce gusto 3p
muffin /spread 3p
chicken salad sarnie 6p
crisps 1.5p
1.5 muffin and philidelphia lite 5points
total points 18.5


nearly there!! :)
heya congrats on loosin 3.5lbs. i lik ur style for the hole sun thin myt iv dat ago actually. im only returning tomorro nyt so gettn meself bk on track an ill be flyin it. gud luk


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oh im gonna smash my goal to smitherreens...seriously my 6 days on one day off aproach really wrks as i should really be on 20 points a day but i give myself 18 so that on the sunday i have like 32 points to spend!!!! i tell myslef i can have whatever...bacon an egg sarnie..crisps junk ect....but you know what?..i have never managed to eat the whole 32 points on a sunday!!!!!!! i trick my own mind into thinking sundays i can eat whatever and i do but never go over!!!!!


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hotots diary.....

howdy!!!!! well todays been a busy one so im well looking forward to my tea and a long soak in the tub!!!!!!

1 muffin and spread 3p
fruseli bar..2p
dolce gusto 1.5p
1muffin topped with phili lite 3.5p
chicken fajita wrap x2= 6.5

ww bar 1.5

18points xx

my jeans are falling down and i got called a milf today so im happy....for those of you who arent aware of the term milf means " mum i'd like t' ****"....so im glad im turning heads....so onwards and upwards woohooo oohhh i love losing weight...arrribaaa arrriiibbbaaaa xxx:)


Im just me!
S: 13st13lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.9%)
I would not suggest going loads under on your points each day unless you are using them up each week as some weeks you may get away with it and other weeks you might get a gain.
As when you quotes in the others diarys no weight lost in a year,some people find it harder then others.

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