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Housework! Who else hates it?


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I am a sahm - took voluntary redundancy at the end of last year. I went from being a senior manager to a housewife (my choice...), but it was hard!!!
Now, I do enough housework to get me by!!!! I refuse to become defined by my new 'role' and as long as the house looks relatively presentable, then job done!
One of the best investments that I ever made was one of those steam generator irons!!! When you are ironing for 5 (3 of which play sport = dirty kits), it is mind blowing! This thing has cut down 50% on the time I spend ironing now!!!


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I don't iron if I can avoid it. My hubby irons his own stuff for work, I'll iron the kids school stuff and that's about it. Hate it!

I just found the article very interesting as it could have been me who wrote it! I definitely agreed with a lot of what the writer said.


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Ironing isn't on my job description! :p


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Then you should have a look at the flylady website !! full of lots of useful hints and tips to get things done. its worked for me
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I HATE housework and am rubbish at it but do try but my husbands a clean freak and no matter how much I do its never good enough.


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I've done flylady in the past, and it does work but I don't think it's really for me in the long term.
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Raises hand:eek:

It's one of those things I keep hoping I'll really WANT to do but so far, many years after starting my SAHM job it's still the last thing I ever want to do. It's kind of like slimming, obviously life is easier and better and nicer with a clean home but the effort seems too much to get over. I'm 'there' now with slimming perhaps the cleaning will still come.....:8855:


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I work full time and do all the chores - BF just does his own shirt ironing and pushes the bin up the drive once a week....thats loads tho apparently, i must check out that website that can evolve my fella!!! x


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Definately not a house person and was made redundant last year, but it has to be done (especially since I always seem to have guests over). Fortunately don't do the ironing (except for my own) and if you get into the dust, vacum, mop, wash and put back clothes, cook, put dishes in dish washer routine it all becomes easier. I let the kids clean up their own toys and mess and tidy up their rooms and make their beds (yes even the one who is almost 3)!


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I never, ever iron! I ahve a tumble drier, everything goes in, whatever the weather. I shake and hang!! Life is too short to iron! Cleaning and dusting gets done of sorts, eventually. I ahve visitors occasionally, just to kick me in to touch!! I am a single Mum, which means the wage earning, gardening, DIY, and the car cleaning are all my domain too. I love gardening but never seem to have the time, now the job just seems too big to know where to start. So just the mowing and strimming ever seems to get done. THe kids'd rooms need painting. Maybe half term, we can tackle it together. Would it be wrong to get a 9 year old to clear out and paint her own room? I ahve decided that life really is too short to get stressed about a it of dust on the mantel or a carpet that could do with a hoover. As for skirting boards, what are they? He he.



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I go through phases of being addicted to housework and the moment I appear to be going through a "I don't give a stuff about housework" time and I think this has something to do with uni deadlines and lack of time!


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I love the house to be clean but I hate housework. I do just enough to keep it clean and tidy, but I'm not at it all day every day and I don't stress if the house gets a bit untidy as long as it's not dirty and unhygienic.

I try to do no ironing. The first time I ironed my hubbys shirt 20 years ago he thought it could've been done better (yes, really!), so I asked him to show me how then told him that I'd never be able to do it as well and that he could do all his own ironing himself. Sometimes he even does mine for me as I plead useless at ironing :)

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