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How about a LL girlie night tomorrow?!

Looking at the threads its clear that some people are understandably struggling & feeling pooped and miserable at the start of their diets. Admittedly I havent started proper yet (but have cut down on carbs & caffene so suffered headaches last 2 days) so cant totally relate to this but can imagine how you feel.
As a pick me up why dont we have a "girlie" night tomorrow. Blokes can join in too but as the recipe involves facepacks, doing nails & moistrising hair not sure they'll all want to but very welcome!
OK so my cunning plan is that tomorrow those that want to join in will go out & get the following (of they dont have it already!);
1) Hair moistursing pack (auzzie miracle is yummy!)
2) face pack (boots own are good)
3) Nailvarnish color of your choice
4) Bubble bath/bath oil
5) Orange stick, pumice & moisturiser
Put face & hairpack on and have a soak in the bath and then go round nails (hands & feet) with an orange stick. Take face pack off & rinse hair in shower & exfoliate body if you want to with a loofah (makes skin feel yummy!). Moisturise all over, get in comfy PJ's & Paint nails & report in as & when saying how you feel!
Phots can be uploaded too but remember to keep them decent!
Hpe this will give people who are feeling low a bit of distracion, we'll all have a laugh and look luscious in the process!!
So whose going to join me?:)
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I'd love to, but my hubby is due home after being away for a month, so I may be a little....busy;) :eek: ahem lmao

Of course, he hasn't phoned to confirm and may not turn up yet so if I end up alone again I'll join in, but not till my 2 yr old is in bed..... might scare her with a face pack, and she'd scare me with nail varnish!



can do it this time!
hi ff
what a fab idea - you've really cheered me up!!

not sure if you read that I put on a lb on Mond, so really disappointed. :cry:

Know that I'd had loads of water that day following a massage (was a gift at Christmas), and had drunk a soda & lime at weekend, so really hoping that this Monday will be different. My scales say so, but it's always different at counsellor's - especially when its not til 6.30pm - wish it was first thing in morning!

anyway I'd love to join tomorrow night - will go & buy face pack etc tomorrow - what a fantastic idea.

won't be any photos of me, but will certainly log on tomorrow night and will be in touch - should we do this any Sat night we're on LL and not out?!!:D
Hey mags you have one for me & I'll forgive you!! Good Sal that I have at least one mate to join me! Sorry you put on a ib...very demoralising but hope you managed to stay on track regardless? Our bodies are a but weird so will no doubt catch up with you next week when the loos wil be even better! Am sure there are all sorts of reasons why but try to just move on from it (please remind me of this when I do the same!)...meanwhile just beautify yourself! I'm happy to join in sat night chat whenever! Have pretty much accepted that in the initial stages I will be something of a relcluse in the eves as wouldnt be able to sit & watch others eat in the early days!! Know it will be worth it in the end! You can always take a photo of your toes all nicely painted!! Must do my before photos! (eek!) Speak tomorrow...must go pee - think I've managed 3 litres today!


can do it this time!
hi ff

that's me bought the face pack and aussie miracle intense hair pack!!!

had fab day - met sis in law for coffee then took first bag of clothes to charity shop - wey hey!! Decided they're def not coming back!!

Treated myself to a new pair of boots from Next too!

away out for a while but will give you a shout when I'm back later - hope your greenhouse hunting went well!:D
hi there!
Got a greenhouse - £79 from B&Q!! It was cheaper than moving the other one!! Got a new bowl for my feeties so just off now to fill up & do my toes while facepack on!! Wouldnt want to miss dancing on ice - even for a yummy facepack! Speak later!


can do it this time!
hi ff
just going for relaxing bath now as wanting to see Dragon's den at 8 (missed it on Wed!). will report back later!

hope you're chilled!
Well am sitting here with my face pack on (Clarins deep cleasing to be followed by clarins moisturising one which I'll leave on overnight!) and have done my toes which are now a yummy fucia pink. Havent had a bath as now have a migraine which lead on from teh headache I got 2 days ago...hopefully now it will lift... How you doing? Doesent the ozzie miracle smell yummy! Like bubblegum! Anyone else chillin or is it just me n Sal?!!


can do it this time!
hi ff
fab feeling!!! well impressed with your Sat nite idea.

I used general face pack but it wasn't the best. I'm a huge clarins fan (in fact bought 2 items today!) but have never tried their face mask - what's it like? Intrigued that you also wear one overnight too. Have you done that before? what's that like?

can't remember when you're due to start LL - you got a date for this yet?
Good that you feel chilled (the whole idea!), esp after watching dragons den which I always fnd a bit stressful! The clarins clay mask is great (& turquise - my fave color!) and then you out the moisture back in wth the moisture mask! Yes I have done it before (a few times!!) and it doesent stay on as a tendency to come off on pillow but you wake feeling yummy!
LL I am due to start the week get back from skiing - I go on 11 Mch for 1 week - get back Sun & start Weds! Mid week will be good as only 2 days of hell before w/e. I'm all booked in a waiting to start! How you doing on it? Have to admit am not looking forward to the first couple of weeks but sure I'll get through it!


can do it this time!
cheers - think I will investigate the Clarins one - sounds fab. any idea how much they cost? I will aim for that as my next treat either on next half stone or stone (depends how long that takes!)

I'm ok at moment - will be 4 weeks done on Mond. Having put on 1 lb last week (through a soda & lime at weekend and loads of water on day of weigh in due to massage) I'm really hoping for a loss this week. If I don't I'll cry!!! Def feel difference in clothes though - could wear jeans today that I haven't worn for a long time so really chuffed.

not long now til your skiing hol which you'll love. I'm away at end March so only 6 weeks to go - gives me really good target as I'd love to lose another stone and a half by then. will def feel difference if I'm so much lighter skiing this year than last year. And lucky enough to be going to Canada so really want to make most of it.

about to do nails (your next fab tip!), so will sign off at moment:D
I think from memory that the face packs are about 16 each but they last ages plus if you're savvy you can get boots points plus freebies if you wait for the offers they do periodically! Usually some quite god smaller sizes & the dynamisant is YUMMY and TOTAL luxuary!
Going to do hand nails tomorrow as feeing shattered and head punding so am off to bed! Catch up soon & good chatting! Well done on getting through another day!


can do it this time!
cheers ff - will investigate Clarins costs here, or maybe wait until my duty free!

have really enjoyed my evening - thanks to your great idea.

will be in touch tomorrow!
Thanks for that! You've changed your user name!! LIke it by the way! How did you do it? I want to chage mine as realise that alot of people I know will be able to identify me & would prefer to be anon on here...


can do it this time!
hi ff

I've just logged on for the first time since my username changed - and didn't realise it would automatically change all my previous posts - but that's fab!

I decided to change for the exact reason you've thought of - would like to keep a bit more anonymous. I know some people will have read previous posts, but if I'm going to be on here for another 70 days then I hope they will think of me as New-Me by then!! Saw some other good names so that's when I thought - this LL programme will hopefully develop me as the new me!

Really feeling great today - thoroughly enjoyed last night - thank you so much for your great idea and your support. Went to clarins today and investigated their products - found exactly what you mentioned but will wait till next treat, or till duty free and stock up with clarins things then. Think it's a great idea for a Sat nite - how often do you use your face packs etc? Met up with friends today that I haven't seen for 4 months and they were so complimentary. Didn't tell them about LL though - I've really kept that to myself but told them I am on a diet, which they could tell!
So pleased with how I feel and just hope it reflects in weight loss tomorrow night - will report back to you then!

how you doing? It must be so hard reading about everyone on LL and getting to know them, but not starting yet. Not long to go now though and if I were you I would really enjoy all your eating and drinking on your ski hol.

Anyway just logged on, so off to read some other threads.

just realised I forgot to tell you how I changed ID - I clicked on "contact us" at the bottom of page and emailed them to ask them to do it. It was done within 24 hours which is fab.

keep in touch
Thanks for that will do it! Well done for investgating Clarins! I woke up today to a HUGE spot!! Felt like a teenager! Yes it is hard watchinge veryone else loose & mre frustrating that the cutting carbs just doesnt work for me & I was fed up of having a constant headache so back to eating stuff in the house. It is frustrating as you see others loosing but will give me time to oreoare mentally & practically meanwhile & seeing others experiences - good and bad - is a good learning experience meanwhile!
Did have fairly active day today with a few hours spent at the allotment digging & building a raised bed so came home & slept for 2 hours pooped! Met a friend for a coffee & got a freebie bulb which was great!
We're hopefully off to cinema next sat but happy to "meet up" on Sunday instead if you're up for it! Sunday night is my normal beautfication night & its a bt of a family tradition to do nails on Sun eve for some reason! How you feeling generally on the plan? Are you coping with the shakes flavour ok?

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