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How are all the Lipotrimers getting on...???


Back on the wagon!
S, the section of site has been quiet over weekend.have gatecrashed and read some great threads in the other diet areas...total inspiration!


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Morning all! Yes, it has been quiet hasnt it? I've not been on much though as I am working 7 days at the moment so its a bit stressy Chez Elle!

Going for my first official weigh-in and to restock this morning (I only go every fortnight as the nearest chemist is 35 miles away!). Having to hunt for something to take my sample in lol, as she didnt give me a bottle. Doh!

This week has been really really really really good! I have so many more hours of being awake than I used to!

How is everyone else?


Back on the wagon!
Confession....Was away overnight with work on Monday and Tuesday and doing my LT was so difficult. So at the team dinner on Monday I skipped by LT shake and ate a piece of fish....nothing else...just played around with the salad and pasta but felt so annoyed at myself for just not saying I wasnt having dinner (peer pressure at 38 I ask you!!)...even though I have lost when I weighed in today...still pi**ed off...but resolve to shift this flab not gone!!

Went back to Curves this evening and did the 30 minute circuit....havent been there for 2 months and it was easier to complete wtf....anyhue off to bed......Bea


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wow bea...i think u showed amazing control! i wouldnt beat urself up about eating a tiny bit of protein....at least u didnt mess with ketosis and u lost weight!

elle, well done on being so good. SSing is so hard and u sound like u r really pleased with urself cos u r working so hard. i totally admire anyone who can SS cos i was rubbish at it lol
Some advice please.

Hi everyone, I'm newish,

I'd like to ask a couple of questions, if that's Ok?

What's the difference in the Lipotrim and LighterLife sachets ?
Are they the same ? Also, what flavours are there in Lipotrim and Lighterlife.

I want to do Lighterlife but my GP says 'No', Have found out I can do Lipotrim and don't need my GP's agreement. Seems a bit strange that if it's a similar product. Really welcome your feedback.


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Apparently they are made by the same company. The lipotrim has only 4 flavours of drink and 2 flapjacks. It costs £30 per week. And yes you dont need your gp`s signature.

Lighterlife has a few more flavours I believe, the only difference is the counsilling you get with LL.

Hope you decide which to do.
I lost 5 stone with lipotrim in less than 5 months.


Back on the wagon!
wow bea...i think u showed amazing control! i wouldnt beat urself up about eating a tiny bit of protein....at least u didnt mess with ketosis and u lost weight!

Thanks for the words of wisdom and support...lost 4llbs at weigh in so all was not lost and ketosis was still fairly well in tack...slighly lighter pink than before. On track for next week for a few more punds of lard to be gone forever!!!:D


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Thanks Karen :) I just keep telling myself how worth it its going to be to stick with it, and that 4 months of my entire life is really not a great deal to ask of myself....

And well done Bea, I think that was really good of you to manage to just eat the fish, sometimes its just impossible to refuse point blank to join in... I'd have been tempted to go the whole hog, I'm sure!

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