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well ive not even started on CD but already im panicking about how im going to handle this festive season.

i told my mum lastnight about me doing CD and she was surprisingly nice about it :confused: , so im okay for skipping xmas dinner (if im not on a aam week then ill have a little)

but today i went to playgroup and put my name down for the xmas night only night out with them in the whole year and 2 weeks after i start CD, theyre going to my favourite chinese, NOW:

1 - i wont enjoy going and not eating and drinking when everyone else is, especially there!

2 - i dont want to miss it as it will only be for a few hours

3 - i dont want to put on more weight for the sake of a night out

what would you all advise??? think im bes/safer just to not go :(
Hi There
I am on week 8 of Lighterlife and I am every day thinking about eating at Christmas :eek:
Work nights out~~~~~
Im not going to my christmas works dinner/disco as I will eat and blow it so thats not going to worry me,I too never go out.
I went out Satd night a works chairty do and I didnt eat I just had 2 Vodkas and coke Z and today i had weighed and put on 1.5lbs everyone her had reasurred me its prob water retention but imagion if I had of eaten/drunk more !!!! Im peed off with it today as it is as I have week 8 weigh-in on weds and upto Satd I had stuck to LL 100%.
Right you can put off CD until Jan 2nd you'll prob have 1 stone more to lose BUT at least you will get on CD 100% and stick at it as I can assure you its a millions time harder 2nd time around,I did CD last year and lost 2st 9lbs in 9 weeks and then had a meal out and regained it all over 4 months whilst triying for 8 months to get back on sole sourcing again.
I have said to people get on SS now but only if you know you WILL stick at 100% as its hard to restart.
Only you can decide but take it from me I wish I never drank satd night now and it was ONLY 2 and I had no food.
Good Luck HUN
I haven't quite made my mind up about xmas dinner yet.. I change my mind daily.. I am def having Turkey and Veg (and not sticking to the 2oz and 2 tbsp respectively)... however I am aware that I probably could get away with the full meal and not come out of ketosis... but my big worry then is that my whole perspective of the diet may change and it could mess with my head.. currently my head is in a good place - 100% committed. Whichever I choose I will make my mind up before the day... to try and lessen the effects... ie if I choose to eat the full meal, then I think knowing in advance my intentions will mess with my frame of mind a lot less than going for it on the day and feeling like I have cheated!

Xmas Parties... well my company doesn't have any - so no issue there.. but my old company has invited me along to theirs... I have said that if I go it will only be for drinks after the meal, so if they eat about 7.30 i'll show up about 9 and will be driving, so no drinking.

Nights out - have been doing those as normal... but obviously have swapped sparkling mineral water for the copious amounts of white wine and soda and duvals that I previously drank pre diet.

Any other meals i have been invited on recently, I have turned down. I am good at turning them down and I can quite happily sit in a pub where people are eating.. but sitting at a table with family and friends while they ate a full meal is like unnecessary torture really.. I know I would resist.. and resisted last night when mates snacked at peanuts etc in the pub, but theres no need to put myself through that if I don't have to... its a few short weeks of my life.

Good Luck for your CD journey, when you start... i think it is the best diet ever and has to be the easiest to stick to because there are no grey areas! But there is no doubt about it, my frame of mind in week 1 and 2 were a lot different to how they are now, then I was in serious doubt whether I could manage it... but when you get past that milestone it kind of falls into place :D
Lizzie - this is my opinion. If you cheat AT ALL, it WILL mess with your head. This is a few short weeks out of the rest of your life, give it 100%. You say "I won't enjoy going out and not eating or drinking" well, you don't KNOW, you just THINK. I have had some really good nights out, just drinking sparkling water, (and one of my best friends was Bacardi before) including a WeMitt meet in Birmingham where Flares nightclub actually ran out! I also had 2 holidays while on SS. Once food comes into the equation, trust me, it is A WHOLE LOT HARDER. If you get through the 1st week on SS, it becomes a way of life, for as long as it takes to get where you want to be. The problem lies with other people - not you. Be strong, look them in the eye, and pleasantly say "no".
That's my advice, but we all have to find our own way, I appreciate that. You are assuming that food is going to continue to be a "treat", and an important part of the weight loss learning journey is to not do this. Other things are "treatrs" - food, for the time being at any rate, is only nourishment for your body.
You might not WANT to eat - I know how unlikely this sounds to you at present, but it DOES happen. Wait until the time comes and see how you feel - don't try and anticipate your feelings, because you can't. Your thoughts shape your feelings, so keep imagining that you will be in control, and able to SS if you choose to, with no problems whatsover.
Don't worry about it now - just think about today. This first week is hard enough without adding to the stress with "what ifs" and "yes buts"
Hang in there.
Ann xxx
Ann, can I ask your opinion on something? I was thinking of moving up to 790 for Christmas week, and then going back to SSing you think thats a good idea or not? I havent seen my family in months, and would really like to eat some sort of Christmas dinner with them, but dont want to go over 790 cos I dont want to get kicked out of ketosis!!
i don't know if this is any help ut I did LL a couple of xmas' ago. I went to all the usual xmas do' and xmas dinner with my amily and DID NOT EAT OR DRINK. i stuck to complete abstinence. For me it was the onl way. I started LL in the November with a group of 9 other women. By xmas we were down to 6. Over the xmas/new year period 4 of those 6 'allowed' theselves to 'sensibly' eat or drink. All 4 of them had dropped out of LL by the end of Jan as they just couldn't get back inot it. Te 2 of us who stuck to 100% abstinence throughout lost 7.5 stone each.

This might be a good opportunity to re-learn how to enjoy yourself and other people without food?

Good luck with your decision.

Jeanie x
right, mind made up, im going to call off and come up with an excuse....this cd journey is not getting put off any longer and im not wasting the positivity i have a good hold of just now, that doesnt mean i wont be on here on the night, of the night out, crying my eyes out coz im missing it so be warned.......emotional woman on the warpath!!!!!!!! hehehe only joking!! thank you all for the great advice (again) xx
Yes my advice is to stick to it, I know some people can stop SS for a day or a week and jump back on but a lot of people can't.

My advice is give it 110% as it is a great diet the first time round but much harder the 2nd/3rd and 4th.

Over Xmas I would recommend an AAM approach so have a little turkey and some sprouts on the big day.

I didn't eat last Xmas at all and stuck to the programme and in heinsight it is the best decision I ever made and didn't spoil the day at all for me.

One of my best mates stopped LL for Xmas and was going to restart in January 2006, he is now 6 stone heavier and is saying he is going to start January 2007 :-(
I agree with all of the above. I still think you don't need to make a decision NOW though. When the time comes, you could well be strong enough to go to the night out and enjoy it just on sparkling water, if not, you can cancel then.
Food will NOT be the attraction you think it will be. I spent more time thinking up ways to fend off what I saw as attempts to sabotage my weight loss, than I did wanting food - and I would NEVER have thought that possible before about week 2-3 of the diet.
Do you really HAVE to make a decision now?
Ann x
PS. 790 is not easier than SS !!!!
hmmmmm, the biggest thing that bothers me apart from the food is the thought of having to explain myself to them all and then to have to listen to all the comments of how sorry they feel for me sitting there not eating, think ill stick to my guns and not go (if i dont make a descision now ill have constant arguments in my head until the day and that drives me mad!)

right, night out will be a night in

and xmas day will be an aam week but only if that is when its supposed to fall anyway and i will stick to what im supposed to......i want to strip off this fat suit sooner rather than later! thanks everyone. did i mention what a great find this site was?!!!
See - its for the rest of your life (this from the woman who wolfed down a sandwich on Saturday night)

I am going away with the girls this weekend and I thinking ah I will just have a bit of this and a bit of that. I have now changed my mind completly. Will they really care if I don't eat. NO. Will they care if I am drinking water !! NO.

Will they care if I am dead before I am 40 ? YES !!!

Am not going to break it this weekend. Its a spa break so .........

As for Christmas.........too much ado about nothing. For me Christmas is about seeing family and friends. I am going to enjoy all the Christmas smells. Will I eat. NO..........why because its only one day out of the rest of my life.


well said bettyboo!
Just to add................I know that I was worried what people would think on my VLCD and TFR but I am getting lots of support both at work and from friends. My boss was shocked when he asked me how long I was going to do it and I said I am going to see where I am at on March 16 2007. However we spend alot of time making other people happy and comfortable. So this time I am working on making myself happy and comfortable for myself. My weight & health are on project status. I am morbidly obese.........I got myself here............only I can get myself out of here.

Hang in there.


Xmas nights out...

I am doing LL and it's quite simple really. NOTHING will be getting in the way of my progress so far. I went to Mallorca recently with the family and stayed 100% on the programme (took all my stuff with me). I went to a musical with colleagues from work and met them AFTER the meal out, before we went to the musical. I go out every Friday night with my mates for a meal and lots of drink, but I don't eat, and drink sparking water all night. It's not a problem and saves me a lot of money!

As far as Christmas is concerned I will stick to the programme 100%. My parents (who I will be visiting) are not happy about me doing LL, but tough titty. It's for me not them.

Our works Christmas meal/disco/band night I cannot go to this year as it clashes with another engagement, but if I went I would get there late (when the meal was half finished) and drink water.

With LL it is black and white. With CD you do have choices whether to sole source or mix packs with food. I think that for me this would be dangerous! I am glad not to have a choice at the moment.
great positive attitude amandajayne! ive decided im going to be like that aswell, after all, like you said its for me not them! good luck xx
just had a warmed up discussion with my mum, which i was waiting for! about total meal replacment diet.....shes not impressed to say the least and told me of someone she knows who had to pullover when driving as she felt so ill after being on meal replacement for a few days....i knew this would come so was prepared for it and told her how im feeling and it went something like this:

ME: told her how fed up I am bieng this size
Response: well ive been big since having babies
Me: ive done all the diets in the past with food and it just doesnt agree with me (as in i just end up eating and eating) and then end up fatter
R: (with a smug look on face!) well ive never dieted!
M: im fed up feeling like an old woman getting up off the floor
R: dont sit on the floor!
M: i want to run around with my girls and be fit
R: i am active in my work so im fine!

in her mind, my mum knows shes big but sees absolutley no prob with it, which is fine for her but for me its scary. my mum is around 20stone and gets very very out of breath just walking, when she bends over to pick things up she cant breath, she cant get up of the floor as her knees are so bad, food is such a pleasure for her she will never understand how im feeling. I partly blame my upbringing for the way i eat and the way food is seen as such a treat and its the LAST thing i want for my babies. anyway rant over!!

i was expecting a response a lot worse from my mum so i suppose its not been too bad.

well said ann, ill keep that in mind!
can you tell me how to get a ticker and flash sig and how to get my pic under my name?? confused by all the damn technology! thanks so much x
thanks so much ann

ps im not complaining or explaining anymore hehehe!