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How are your motivation skills?

My main motivation for wanting to lose weight has been wanting to have children. I have PCOS so my weight has played a big part in my fertility levels. I have never really wanted children until my nephew was born, then I become very broody and mothering. As I had no periods I knew i had to lose weight to kick start the process. Although Im not in a position to start trying now, I want to be able to know that when I am, If i can't concieve naturally, when I go to the GP or hosp they dont send me away and tell me to lose weight before they help me, as I would have already got to that weight.

Besides that, I've had one stroke already, so don't want another one, I've got other PCOS symptoms and other medical conditions which all seem to be affected by weight issues. I didnt like what I was seeing and knew somthing had to be done.
I look at my wedding photos from 2005 and realise that I was at my target weight then after following a healthy diet and exercise plan. I can get there again. If I have a bad day I just remind myself that I am doing this to feel happier and healthier again and I know I did it before so it's not impossible.
My motivation is pants. But it's because i'm busy and don;t have the time to give my weight any head space. Until I look in a mirror and hate the reflection.

Some people have said nasty things, 'in jest' but it upsets me, I hate looking at pictures of me, and I have a photo (I'm a bit into photography) in mind I want to take of me when I get to target weight, and I keep trying to think of that.
For me it's a few things, wanting children and being paranoid that i'm going to have trouble conceiving so therefore want to lose weight now before i start trying in a few years time (i'll probably start trying in around 3 or 4 years, but want to enjoy being 'slimmer' for a while first before have a baby! :) ) another reason is i get jealous a lot and thought (still do a bit) that my OH is too good for me, like his gorgeous and i felt like ewww next to him lol, so i've done it for the sake of me trying to shake off those feelings so when i see him and we are together makes me keep going, Also me and my dad use to argue a lot and it was down to my weight etc wont go into details but he passed away last year and so now i just feel guilty for being the weight i was and for arguing so just wanted the whole weight to go away so it's not there anymore to remind me etc so when i see pictures of him i keep going and also cause i couldn't find pretty clothes in sizes 20/18! lol :)
omg, Leah, I could have written that post!! My motivation wavers a lot :( think main motivation I have at the moment is the fact that maybe 60-70% of my wardrobe doesnt fit me anymore!!!


am determined to make it fit soon though!!! xx
omg, Leah, I could have written that post!! My motivation wavers a lot :( think main motivation I have at the moment is the fact that maybe 60-70% of my wardrobe doesnt fit me anymore!!!


am determined to make it fit soon though!!! xx
my wardrobe is like that totally sucks, got rid of my 20/18 clothes, apart from one pair on jeans as it's funny to put them on now as they slide down when i walk ha :D but then i brought some new 14/12 clothes and i love them, but don't have the money to totally change all my stuff so now i have a mixture of sizes and find myself wearing the same thing over and over again! that gets me down because you think ohhhh god not again! :( i hate clothes!! :mad: :p
Aww everyone, Im so pleased I asked this .Having lost 5 stone 11 years ago after my fifth baby I felt sexy and incredible and strong ,However a surprise 6th baby sent my body into carb cravings and over the last few years its been up and down like a fiddlers elbow sooo now that they are all old enough (and dont leave bits on their plates) Im taking stock with all your help to become that strong sexy woman again. Think you are all wonderful ...Maria x
For me - it's when I look in the mirror and don't like what I see. I hate the way some women (thin ones) look at you as if you are a freak (look at yourselves ladies you ain't all that). I did have someone once call me a "fat c**t" which hurt. :cry:My reply to her was "well at least I can work on my weight you can't change that FACE". ;) OMG I was shocked as I never opened my mouth to her - she was just a passerby and I was wearing a shortish denim skirt (which I wasn't 100% comfortable wearing but OH said it was nice on me and it was a size 16). :eek:
Now I am doing it for myself - I want to be able to wear nice clothes (well nicer), feel healthy and above all be happier than I am at the weight I am at the mo'. :)
I hate the way some women (thin ones) look at you as if you are a freak (look at yourselves ladies you ain't all that).
I really wish that you could make some people fat for a day (or 2) and see things from a different perspective. I am convinced that people who make fun of others for some percieved flaw are just doing it to make up for their own shortcomings. You have to feel sorry for them really, because even though they may fit into society's idea of beautiful, they are obviously very ugly and sad inside and no amount of dieting is gonna fix that!
:(Oh thats an awful thing lady vegas and some people are just awful..:badmood:.But never mind cos youre with great mates now:gen126: and when we are all skinny we will find her and form a circle around her wearing our bikinis and smug smiles and she will simply faint in the presence of our beauty!!! Maria x:grouphugg:
Yeah ladies - we will get her and her little dog too. LOL!!!

My cousin is married to someone like that - she is a royal pain in the ass and God does she go on and on and on about "overweight people". She could do with a feed - and I mean a FEED. She is sketetal and pregnant - neck bones and all sticking out.
was great to read all your stories...
last year i was at my heaviest 10st 9.5lbs (im 5ft 4ins) and a size 12 though they where starting to get tight and i really didnt wanna get the next size up.. and like many of you i just didnt like what i seen in the mirror..
it was my 25th birthday in aug of that year and i was sooooo depressed about turning 25 yes i know its only 25 but was a big thing for me with 2 kids the oldest being 8 at the time i felt much older.. and i was determined to shift the weight..and i had a wedding to go to in sept and me and the bride despite being in england done it together..
i hit my goal of 9st 2lbs the Wednesday before my birthday and felt fab.. a year on im only now 2.5lbs over my weight.. but iv a holiday to Rhodes coming up and would like to shift 6lbs now.. we all wanna look good in our bikinis right?.. and well there are some people going who seem to look down their nose at you.. we all know people like that!.. and i just wanna look and feel fab.. thats whats keeping me going :)
For me im just miserable! i never want to go anywhere and when i do get invited i always make an excuse that i cant go. On the rare occassion i get out of the door its all drama. I spend weeks looking for something to wear - which has to be black!. i put it on and take it off x 5, i empty my whole wardrobe looking what i have already got and it ends withh me crying on the top stair that im not going!
:sigh:Aww Mrs Lever how about meeting me in a virtual way wearing a beautiful imagined outfit of what you would like to look like one day.? Instead of staying on the top step come down half way and I will meet you there for a virtual chat and cuppa? Please dont feel this sad..:cry::cry: I just want to give you a hug and for you to know that we will help put that smile back and a sense of looking forward? Stay in touch ...Maria xx:)
Thanks Maria for your lovely message, i know just by doing this for 3 days that this is something i can continue without feeling i am dieting. By being a ww novice i am checking and pointing everything ! The next time im getting ready (at a wedding 2 weeks today) i will defo imagine you will down the stairs lol. Hopefully being a few pounds into my journey will make the getting ready a whole lot easier
You will get there Mrs Lever and even the thought of all us new mates will give you the strength to look forward to that wedding, at the end of the day we have all got much to learn from each other and its baby steps but we will get there. xMariax
Me I always always said I will not be fat when Im 40
Last year I was 40 and very fat 17st 4lb this was 5 months after I found out my OH cheated on me si I moved out his house with my 3 girls.......
My motivation comes from not yoyoing anymore and being the real me the one thats inside the fat suit.
I want to get a fantastic job,show my girls the healthy way to live and TBH show my OH how hard he has to work now to keep me as its his one and only chance.
I know I wont be slim by 41 which is October but Ill be a lot slimmer than I was at 40 ;) xx
Thanks so much 102b for being so honest, you are sounding strong and motivated after such a horrible experience and my heart goes out to you.To have your world turned upside down and everything that you thought secure is so horrible but to turn it into a life plan and new patterns for you and your girls is FAB. xxxxxxxMariaxxxxxxxxxxx

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