How bad would it be....


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...... Im on a new placement next week and we share our staff lounge with drs..... I darent make up a shake in there with them all watching plus a blender would simply make too much noise as its a little room off the ward.

I know shakes/soups should be made up and consumed within 15 mins but if I made them up and drank 5hours later (will keep in a thermos) do you think there would be a major issue? This will only occur 2 days of the week.

I am so struggling at the mo and the thought I will face HUGE criticism next week isnt helping.

ATM I feel what I will lose in vitamins will be made up by motivation. Next week is TOTM too...:-(
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Sorry hun, i've no idea?! Def would say the 15mins is because of the vitamins etc so any longer and the vitamins would be lost??? Is there no way you could bring the thermos and your shaker, sneak outside somewhere, shake it up, put it in the thermos and rejoin them???
I'm sure someone will no more! Good luck xxxxxxxx
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Hey, just take a good multivitamin babe. Keep yourself from feeling stressed, its only temporary and if you take a good multi vitamin you will be grand xox good luck xox


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yep that would work, if I could manage the shakes without crushed ice....LOL

Begining to think that even if I have the shake 10hours old it will be better than eating... IYSWIM

Arghh..... introduced the idea of TFR during the week and was told 'people who do that are crazy, healthy eating is the only option'............. Really dont think I can face the criticism... my friend who knows what Im up to is on opposite shfts to me next week too...................


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thats my general idea too.

At least I wont be stepping off TFR.

I know its not ideal but it will be mon & fri next week..... 3 days the week after and wont worry about the nights the week after If I had been 100% TFR the last week would have been re-feed....grrr


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Even after ten minutes I find the sedement settling at the bottom of the glass and a browny colour, I dread to think what it would be like after a few hours.

What about trying the bars? They are an aquired taste, but I do find the coconut one quite pleasant, and it helps to get some of your water drank as they are a little dry.


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I have the shaker - its fine if the water is really cold from the fridge. I work in a hospital too and altho I have told a few people I really can't be bothered with everyone knowing (Im a senior and see it as a flaw that I can't be thin by myself). The pharmacist actually gave me mine for free!

Good luck xx


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Also, if you make the soup up in an oversized mug with boiling water and keep stirring whilst it cools the lumps go away quite quickly. Just looks like cuppa soup xx


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What a dilemma....Not sure what to suggest, although been great suggestions already.

If it were me, I would probably opt for the soup option. No one would any the wiser, so long as you have it in a good sized mug. Maybe make a paste first, to try and remove as many lumps as possible then fill up with hot water and hopefully YUMMY ;-)! I know you like the bars, so you could even have your flappy (as you call them) :)

Whatever you decide, dont stress over it. You are finding it tough at the minute so having this to deal with isnt going to help you one bit. If you have to make them up, and take a multivit, for 2 days, I would do you say, the option of losing a few vits for a couple of days or eating dont compare.

People are not nice about LT at all; I am hard pressed to find anyone that think it is good! Which I have always said I can understand because us re-starters make it easy for them to point the finger and say, well, you put it all back on didnt you!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Be strong Theresa, you are almost at the end and doing so well, considering how hard you have been struggling. You are burning a candle at both ends too with all your placement, do what you think is right for you with all the advice given.

Keep us posted though.


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hey i would defo do the soup option like a cupa soup...
at the moment i make sure to have 2 shakes before work and one one after. it sucks that i have to do that but again like you i dont want people at work to know.
the first day i was at work i was really sneaky and you know those avonmore milk cartons that come in chocolate strawberry banana and normal milk and theyre like 75c well i got one of those, emptied it and rinsed it,and filled it with some water then just as break started i put in the packet and closed it and shook it in another room and then drank it with everybody and voila nobody even looked twice! takes alot of effort but there is ways of doing it!
keep up the good work hun your doing really well and you WILL be at refeed soon x


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Do you have a shaker? I was on a course last week and again next week for 2 days with people i don't know and din't want all the questions. I put my freezing water with ice in my flask (i also like them really cold)and took my shaker, when lunch time came i took them all to the ladies in back pack and made the shake there. Poured it all back into the flask once mixed and drank it at the table, no one had a clue. hth

xx Cathy xx

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I've a couple of ideas for you hun, think maybe a few are on here already though...

1 - Have soup in a bowl with a spoon as it looks most like a meal.
2 - Someone already mentioned flapjacks - ok they taste rubbish but are bearable as a needs must.
3 - Make the Vanilla or Choc one into a hot drink, either a coffee with the vanilla or hot choc or mocha.

But another idea is to just ignore them all! My boss keeps telling me that diet and loads of excercise is only way to do it and TFR is stupid but narners to anyone who says that, they are only saying it cos they wouldn't have the willpower to do it themselves which proves you are serious about losing weight and see who comes out slimmer in the end!


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I know what you mean about the noise that the blender makes it's quite embarrassing and does attract a lot of questions from people. Could you not take yourself off to another kitchen away from everyone else. All you need is a plug. I don't think it's beneficial to have the shakes after time as they do go a bit yucky after a bit. Good luck


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hi im a student nurse to and i find that the soups are ok in a bowl or cup, nobody realy questions i have the bu yu shaker but hardly use it what i have found works best are the coffee frother things you can get them for a few quid off ebay. they do the shakes to.

hope this helps


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Theresa, you pretty much have all the suggestions already. Don't premx as many of the nutrients are water soluble and are destroyed after about 15 mins. When I have had this problem, I just go without the shake and have a couple of coffees and some water instead, then have my shake when I get home. Other times I have the flapjack instead. While horrible, they are very handy for these situations. I just break it up and put it in to a little bag. When you have it at the table it looks lke some homemade oatcakes.
Hope you get sorted.


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Thanks guys,

I have tried the shaker (which cost me €15) and it was rubbish. Tried shaking for ages and still had lumps!! I cant take the shake at all without blended ice... Yes I know Im a pain! Have been having soup but its beginning to make me gag..... this happened last time too. Where I will be next week has loads of staff, there can be up to 20people in a small room at lunch time. I might get away with going back into the old staff room but it will only encourage people to ask wh Im not in the 'right' staff room. I could also use the room for the ward staff but labour ward 'like' us to be near enough to call in case our lady delivers very quickly.

Not sure yet what Im going to do. I bought some miso soup today but would need about 6 sachets to get wonder Victoria Beckham is so skinny if she survives on that!!

On a different note I went to the GP today cos my throat has been bad for weeks.. The GP (not my normal one) asked whether I was having problems swallowing food!!! I stupidly said no but in reality I dont know!! Thankfully she looked over my notes and has referred me to ENT.

Now what to do next week..


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hey theresa

ur nearly at goal.ur doin really well. stick at it. i keep gettin a sore throat and was wonderin how u got referred?? did u ask them if u could see ent or did they say they would refer u? everytime i go doctor they tell me not to worry but i havent asked bout seein ent. maybe i shud! i have bin goin docs for the past couple of years cuz of my sore throat an its really gettin me down that no-one seems to be helpin. hope u get everythin sorted an gd luck on ya LT journey. nearly there :)


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I think most people on here know my views on matters like this; honesty is the best policy!

Who gives two hoots what they think, doctors or not. People forget that lipotrim actually started out only being prescribed by your doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My opinion - have your shake and make it and drink it within the specified 15mins :)


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i can not really add to this,only just to say that i did buy a shaker £4.99 from the chemist.i did buy it for when i go to butlins next month but i have had to use it twice in the last 3 days as my son is on shift work and the noise of the blender would wake him.the only diff between the 2 is you have to do all the work.(shaking)good exercise of luck for the coming week.x