How best to start??


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Good Morning All,

I have decided to give SW a go after putting on roughly 3 stone in the past 2 years. :eek:

When I have done the SW diet in the past I have always stuck to the red/green days.
Would you recommend I start off following that plan or start with the EE plan??

I understand both plans but am not sure which plan would be best to start with to give me the weight loss boost that I need!

Many Thanks All,
Have a great Saturday
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Am happy with doing green day s as I do have a big appetite and don't really miss meat much. I sometimes have a red day if we having a BBQ or a roast . I also like having 2 h.xtras. Try ee , you may like it!

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i started last Wednesday with same problem, as i don't eat red meat really or much fish.

my C was lovely and told me to stick to what im most comfortable with and so im doing red and green :)

your going to be living with it so pick a plan you will enjoy the most xx


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Everyone had different opinions on this, there's loads of threads of poeple asking similar questions - but they all come out the same way eventually. Do what works for you!!
I'm a lover of meats, so I mostly do red with the occassional green. I will put in the odd EE day every now and then as I like a cooked breakfast with chips - but as other poster mantions above I too find it hard just having one HEXB a day.
Thats the great thing about SW - you get to work it your way!


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As long as you stick to your plan for a whole day you can always change the next day so having a variety:


hollys nan

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Yes we all have different tastes and the plans are so flexible. I find ee too hard personally as I am not keen on veg and hate salad love fruit though. I have lost 2.5stone on mainly red with a few green days thrown in. When I started this time last year only ee was mentioned and as I had done S W before I knew the other plans inside out and they did work for me so I just stuck to them.


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I think it all depends on your body and tastes. I do a combination of all 3 plans but mainly Green as although I am happy with eating meat but can not eat too much of it. However, in the past couple of days I have got my head round EE and enjoying it.
Try each of them and see which one suits your life style and your body.
Good luck.


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I'm pretty much repeating what has just been said already, but it does ultimately come down to what you like best. I'm a huge fan of EE as it suits me so well. I struggled with red/green as to me, there was no point have unlimited baked potato if I could only have a tiny bit of tuna, or lots of meat for sunday roast if I couldn't have potatoes. Being able to combine the green/red free foods on EE is perfect for me. It also depends on how important to HE are to you. For me they are not a major issue - I tend to cut out bread with Slimming World as I only like white. I'm also not fussed by cheese which I know so many people love. So for me, only having 2 HE a day is fine, and sometimes I still don't use them!