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How can I get rid of this?


One last chance
I have really bad indigestion, my stomache has bloated above my belly button, and I it feels like there's trapped air in my back as well. I've tried peppermint tea and I've had about 6 deflitine tablets. I'm in so much pain and I can hardly stand up straight :jelous:
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I had that in hospital after an op, and they gave me peppermint tea, which worked surprisingly well :)


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Oh Gosh Yas! I don't have a better suggestion - Deflatine always worked for me. I hope you feel better soon!! x


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When I got sterilised, I had really bad trapped wind. I phoned my Cousin who teaches nursing and she said the best thing for it was just to walk around.


One last chance
Thanks everyone, I've tried everything but the andrews stuff, don't even know what it is LOL.

I hope it passes by tomorrow, I've got my first salsa class, and I don't plan on skipping out just because I've got bits of fart stuck in my belly and back :mad:.


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How u feeling today Yas? Keep me posted as I used to get this - dont want to worry u and probably not at all; but it turned out to be gallstones - especially with pain in the back. Did you feel like you had to undo your bra? maybe pop to the doc if it keeps occuring! Hope you feel better soon x


One last chance
Hiya, thanks rache, I'm much better now. It was from overeating is all. And I think I don't really like chocs that much anymore, it gives me a headache and a tummy ache so, I guess I'm off the chocs now. I had more today but I really didn't enjoy it. It makes me sick now :(


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Know what u mean - chocolate especially dark gives me a migraine now as does red wine! Must be cause our bodies have had such a detox!:(

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