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How can I have put on weight!!!

I realise that losing weight will not happen overnight but have just left a SW meeting in tears after learning I have put on half a pound even though I have done absolutely everything asked on the diet!:cry:

I have been so committed to this without taking any of my sins for the last three weeks and yet total weight loss is 2 and a half pounds.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what might be going wrong?

I know perhaps I should have waited to speak to the consultant but couldn't face sitting through a load of food tasting before I could do this. I feel so miserable knowing that I can't do anything more.
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One day at a time!
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Poor you ((hugs)). However perhaps you should be eating your syns. Maybe you are not eating enough and that will stall any loss. Have you thought of posting a food diary for us to comment on? Did you keep a food diary during the weeks to check yourself?

Don't give up - you might just need to tweak it a bit for better results.


Always trying!
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Hi Tracy

Did you wear the same clothes as last week? Clothes can make a big difference

What have you eaten today?

Have you had lots to drink before WI?

Did you fill In a food diary? Maybe u could hand it in to your c so they can check over it or post it on here in the food diary section so we can check you're got everything right

I know it's easier said than done but stick with the plan, it really does work.., we are all living proof of that x
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You really need to eat your syns...it may be that you're not having enough calories and your body is actually storing fat (fearing that it wont get enough fuel for energy)

Chin up love the slimming journey always has its ups and downs...it'll be worth it in the end.

Liz xxx

I would suggest doing a diary this week and showing your consultant so they can see if you're doing anything wrong;)
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1/2 a pound is nothing - that can be due to eating something, retaining water, not going to the loo, exercising at a different time to last weeks weigh in, * week, different clothes etc etc

You don't say how heavy you are or how much you need to lose, but cutting out all your syns doesn't necessarily help. Firstly, you can end up feeling deprived and rebel. Secondly, they are built into the plan and it can work better if you have them - it doesn't say 0 - 15, it says 5 - 15. If you have a bit to lose, then not eating enough will slow your losses, and that means a * week or something else can make it look like you have gained weight when you really haven't.

Try posting a food diary (plus your current weight if you don't mind letting on) and we can have a look at what you are doing and hopefully help a bit more x
Thanks for replies - I have been making sure I drink lots of water and wearing similar clothes to weigh in. The reason I haven't taken the syns is it said in the book that you only needed to have these if you needed/fancied something in addition to the free food and I haven't. I have made sure I am eating all meals and having at least 3 pieces of fruit a day.

Today have eaten:
Breakfast: grapefruit,
Lunch huge salad including watercress, capers, beetroot, cucumber, tomato, lettuce with a pack of mixed sea food.
Dinner and snacks: an apple and clemantine two pieces of nimble wholemeal bread, 2 dairylea triangles, 2 eggs 4 rashers of bacon (completely removed fat) and beans.

So as you can see I'm not starving myself!

So as you can see
Sparky - don't mind mentioning my weight - currently 10st 5.5lb - not huge I know but I'm 5ft 2 and up until last year weighed 8stone so struggling to come to terms with extra pounds


The Big One
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It doesn't sound as though you're having much food with any substance to it. Can you have some more carbs during the day? To be honest your day does sound a bit like a starvation plan to me! It is always said that you need to eat plenty for the plan to work properly, which does include having syns. I think it's suggested that you should always try to have at least 5 a day. Good luck, I hope you see results soon x


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I agree, I don't think there is enough substance to what you are eating. tbh it wouldn't be enough for me.

I know what you mean about syns, there is so much filling free food on this diet it is great! I rarely went over 5 syns (I am now maintaining and have my 15 plus hexs') because I just didn't feel I needed too. I do however have lots eggs,potatoes, wholemeal pasta, quorn and lean meats as well as loads fruit and veg and all my hex's.

I know sometimes it may not feel right eating more (and until you are satisfied obviously) but it works!

Good luck and hope you have a fab weigh in next week :)


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no, not "simlar clothes"... wear the exact same thing each week and stick to it.. that way the only variable is you.. and what's IN you..
Will try to eat even more next week and see what happens. I have just treated myself to a beer 7 syns - not a chocolate eater so the only thing I can think of to use the syns is alcohol so cheers everyone!!
S: 19st5lb C: 15st11lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 3st8lb(18.45%)
I think you need to eat more - you are hardly having any carbs at all. I know we are not meant to count cals, but at a guess you are probably eating less than 1000 a day - you are eating mainly fruit and veg for most of your meals. I would hazard a guess that's why you are not losing.

There is plenty of free stuff to choose from and you won't pile on weight - try adding something more substantial to your breakfast (half a grapefruit - that's just a starter for me!) Add pasta or a jacket potato to your lunch? And how about some SW chips with your tea? You could always treat yourself to some McCain Rustic oven chips for a few syns?
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{{{hugs}}} Tricksy

I'm not an expert, so I'll leave the advice to those that are! Hang in there and with all the help and advice here I'm sure all of a sudden you will see much better results.

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