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How can I motivate myself again?


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Hi there,

I started SW in December 2010 and went from over 11 stone to 10 stone 3 in about five months. I had my ups and downs but persisted and lost weight.

Since about July, I fell off the wagon and have steadily gained weight and am now back to 11 stone. I am devastated and feel very uncomfortable in my clothes and can actually feel rolls of fat on my stomach when I sit down (I am apple shaped).

I need to get back to sw but just can't get myself motivated. I think the winter setting in has made me feel down and my teaching job is making me feel miserable at the moment!

How can I motivate myself to get back to it? Can anyone help xx
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I guess remembering why you joined sw in the first place & how you felt when you'd lost some weight might help x


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Maybe stave off the misery by feeding those carb cravings with some green days to get back in the swing. I know I find it difficult to find the enthusiasm for fruit & salad when it's miserable outside. However, I can always find enthusiasm for a SW curry, stew or soup. You need to get back in the zone, that's all. One day on plan and you'll be gagging for it :D
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I would also recommend a few green days. Just take it easy, don't put too much pressure on yourself. Plan your food diary using your favourite SW meals. Try & make small changes until you feel ready to do SW 100%.

Like you say you've done it once and can do it again.;)


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Hi Hun Im back to just under 11 stone and Ive been finding it hard to motivate myself as Im ttc so feel a bit like whats the point. But im picking myself back up and getting on with it. For me, its been easier to focus on eating healthier rather than my weight, losing weight is just a little extra compared to feeling better, more energy etc. It will also help lift your mood if youre feeling a bit flat.


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I started off in January 2010 at 12 stone 13.5lbs...joined again July 2011 at 12 stone 8.5lbs, am now at 11st 13lbs and 4 weeks after I joined in July I was 11st 11. So I am in exactly same situation as you.

Ive tried everything - writing it all down, planning etc nothing worked, after gaining 4lbs over the last 3 weigh ins, ive just decided I am going to have a 100% week. That's it. I will say no to food that is not SW friendly. End of.

If you think of anything else that works please do let me know, but tbh I think it is about remembering the reasons why you joined in the first place...maybe join the new members talk, go back to basics!

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