How can I stop this diet getting boring.


Starting again...
I've been on lighterlife 2 weeks and Im bored already. Its the begining of week 3 today and I had a depression session over some veg soup.

I only like choch and vanilla shakes and veg soup which is a bit boring.

Ive been trying all the other flavours and can just bout stomach caramel.

Do you mix them about or have the same things at the same time everyday.?
I usually start the day by adding coffee to either vanilla or caramel and having a thick hot drink.

For "lunch" I tend to have a soup.

At "dinner time" I usually make a pack of soups up into some crisps.

Then my treat in an evening is a bowl of ice cream - loads of ice in a bowl mixed with one of the milkshakes and a tiny drop of water. I usually add a tea spoon of melted coffee granuals to the vanilla shake which makes a lovely coffee ice cream.

As an alternative, I make a chocolate, caramel or strawberry mouse by adding a bit of water to a pack and eating it with a spoon. The chocolate packs actually taste like cake mix if only mixed with a bit of water, quite sweet and gooey!

I don't always have that routine but I find that it takes away some of the boredom!
I made some crisps from a chicken soup once and they were quite nice once I got them off the grease proof paper (they kept sticking to it).

I tried making an icecream with a shake and ice once but it didn't turn out very well. I did it in a smoothie maker but there was still great lumps of ice in it. All in all they were both a bit of a disaster so I never bothered again.

How did you do it?

How do you make crisps??
Put a drop of water in the bottom of a bowl, add a soup and mix to a thick(ish) paste - add a drop more water if needed.

Use a tea spoon to put dollops of mix on a big plate covered in baking parchment and then spread thinly using the back of a spoon into a crisp shape.

Set your microwave for 50 seconds and microwave on full blast.

Open the microwave door and allow the "crisps" to settle for a minute, then microwave for another 40-60 seconds depending on the microwave. Keep your eye on them, for me one minute 50 secs is perfect but it isn't for everyone.

Turn them out onto a cold plate, allow to cool for a minute or so and then eat whilst the next lot are cooking (I never do more than four or five crisps on a plate).
LL recommend only cooking one pack a day for this reason.