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How can we increase ketosis?

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This time its forever said:
Hi friends,

After a ketostix test my CDC told me that according to the colour I was burning 40% of my fat. Does anyone know what can be done to inrease ketosis, she said there is a 60% level too and I want to get there! :D
Only thing I can think of would be to do more exercise!

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To be quite honest I don't know what your CDC is on about. You cannot tell from your ketostix how much fat you are burning, just how concentrated the ketones are. The darker the stick, the more concentrated and you may need to drink more water, but apart from that there is no accurate way to measure on the sticks exactly how much fat you are burning as a percentage x
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Does anyone know the best time of day to check for ketosis or doesn't it matter?


Does anyone know the best time of day to check for ketosis or doesn't it matter?

Dont get into the habit of checking its totally pointless, for one thing the sticks are so unreliable and besides if you stick to the packs youll be in ketosis. Once your in it you dont pop in and out it on a daily basis.
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Ok thanks for that. I think I will forget about buying the sticks altogether and just focus on my weigh ins and keeping to the diet day by day



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Honestly - this CDC is talking utter rubbish. And as someone in a position of authority by dint of her presumed superior knowledge, I think that's pretty out of order.

Either she's invented the 40% nonsense by herself, or she's been paying attention to uniformed blether on the internet. Grr. It doesn't even make sense. 40% of what? Of your total fat? Of your potential at any given point? 40% of your urine is ketones? (eek! - that'd be alarming...) It doesn't even show a basic understanding of how the sticks work. I mean, dilution levels is primary school science, right?

(sorry for the rant - bad science from people whose business it is to know better gets right up my bum!)
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All I can say is thank go for this forum, its more accurate!

Apparently my aim is go to 60%, of what I dont know! I was on such a high after my first weigh in that I didnt even think to ask!

When I go on Monday I am going to get a more scientific reply, but to be honest, as long as I am losing weight I couldnt care less about ketosis!

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