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How dare I feel....


Enjoying life!

I was in a bit of a p1ssy mood earlier and here is why!

My jeans were hanging off my butt...:sigh:

My pants were either falling down or moving about way too much to be comfortable....:eek:

My k-swiss were slopping round my feet like boats...:confused:

I found myself feeling fed up...


I slapped myself! IT IS A GOOD THING! lol

Just annoying! lol

Kat xx
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When I started losing weight... I really didn't take into consideration that my clothes would be bigger on me... and the result -- trousers around ankles leaving the supermarket!

Tis annoying... but worth it.... as long as you remember to buy belts that is! ;)


Enjoying life!
Yeah! I have gone through it with sizes, 22, 20, 18, 16 and now 14 into my 12s :)

Kat xx
I never once found that annoying!

Not even the time my jeans literally fell off me while crossing a busy street at Fishermans Wharf in San Francisco. :D What once would have embarassed me to know end, made me beam with satisfaction.

Nope. never found it annoying. :)


Gotta Make A Change
its a good feeling though
that clothes are getting looser, i remember walking into toysrus to buy my nephew a toy and my tracksuit bottoms kept slipping down i was like in one of my OMG moods lol
This thread has made me laugh. I am forever hitching up my skirt as I have one of those wonderfully big bums, all my skirts sit on my bum for a while before heading south. So I have my jelly wobbly belly, flopping about, making me look like an out of fashioned oldie, who seems like she is wearing a belly top.
lol It is or can be both funny and em-bare-assing, this here side effect!!

My husband used to laugh and say "Girl go get yourself some knew knickers!" And I said, "Nope - not until these ones fall off!!" :giggle: THen, one day I was running up the stairs, and I ran OUT of my knickers - they dropped right off. So I shoudted downstairs, NOW I will get some new knickers!! :D

lol Kat - knew you were lovin it - how could you not! ;) :D :D



Enjoying life!
It was just one of those moments where the knickers were all over the place, the jeans were hanging so low I almost broke my neck coming down the stairs and my top caught on a door handle as I passed and I growled and laughed all at the same time and wondered if by the time I go to the bottom I would be thread bare! lol

Kat xx


Gotta Make A Change
haha funny...my hips are too big for anything to ever fall off me lol
You must have looked SSSoooooooooo
sexy Kat.
Time for shopping. x

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