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How do i contact Exante counsellor?


Hi everyone,

i am interested to find out more about this plan.
I have left two Emails on their website.....but have not had one reply.
Is anybody there? Have they stopped this part of the service?

I would really appreciate any advice or knowledge of this plan as i am thinking of embarking on it.:help2:

Main worry is hair loss as i suffered with it badly 2 years ago with lighterlife.:cry:

Thought the Exante plan might be slightly differrent......can anyone please offer me a little advice/help.:confused::confused:


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I'm not sure about the counsellor as I didn't contact them but chose to buy straight from the net as I'm an old hat these VLCD.
I did notice hair loss on the Lipotrim diet but so far, Exante seems to have no effect but it may be different for others.

Good luck whichever route your decided to take




I'm not sure about the counsellor as I didn't contact them but chose to buy straight from the net as I'm an old hat these VLCD.
I did notice hair loss on the Lipotrim diet but so far, Exante seems to have no effect but it may be different for others.

Good luck whichever route your decided to take


Thanks for getting back to me.....no hair loss with the amount of weight you have lost.....fantastic.
Can i please ask ....how long have you been on Exante?
Which plan are you following of theirs?

Thanks for your time.

Shaz x


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Hi Shaz

I have been following Exante since the start of this year, and Lipotrim last year. I prefer to do the total food replacement so I do 3 packs a day but i do have the occasional meal once a week or so as this works for me.
Its a hardcore programme but it does work but your mind has to be in the right place 1st.
Not sure how much I have lost this year as I'm keeping a running total so i can't remember what damage I had to do un-do at xmas but as long as the scales are going down at a good rate (& the compliments keep coming, lol), then I'm happy.



Well done Red,

i wish you every success in your weight loss journey.

I have just received an Email from Exante explaining that they do not have counselor support.....it is purely an e-commerce company.

But are happy to answer any of my questions via Email.

Good luck everyone

Shaz x
My hair is so thick it looks like I wear a brush on my head!
Hasn't changed a bit since I started.
Still have to have it cut monthly.


Thanks for the reply Jessie,

Keep up the good work.....yet another one on this plan doing fantastically

Shaz x
Well Jessie, can I have some of your hair, as mine is a bit thin to start with
I think you will get hair loss on any VLCD, exante or not, so be prepared
Did your hair grown back??

I would rather wear a hat & be thin


Hi Maggie,

It has taken me two years to grow my hair back.....it was very long....and eventually had to give in and have it cut to just under shoulder length.
That was because when it started to grow it went from ok thickness to very scraggly long ends.
I can honestly say my hair used to be really thick with a natural soft curl....it never really went back to it's former glory....lol.

But i have tried so many other diets recently and my metabolism now seems really really slow....even no weight loss most weeks.

Seems i am left with very little choice but to go back on vlcd......so really trying to find the best one that i possibly can to minimise the pain...lol.

Shaz x
Hello dezzie, I'm glad you've come to visit us here. We will be delighted to fill you in on both the good and bad sides of our experiences here, in fact, you won't be able to shut us up!

I understand your reluctance to embark on another VLCD, I was too, did one before and had a particularly bad time with it. It took a lot of soul searching before I gave it another go, and even then on the basis of 'I'll try it for 4 weeks, and see what happens'. Not hair loss, but something else. I'm pleased to say this time things, for me, seem to be OK - it was around about this stage in my diet that things started to go down hill, but I'm pleased to say this time round, I'm still here. I'd rather be fat than suffer that again.

I can appreciate your point about hair loss, especially as yours sounded pretty damn drastic! I can imagine wondering what's the point of being thinner, but ending up feeling worse about yourself. It's a common side effect of a long term VLCD, and I appreciate you not wanting to go there again. However Exante recommends an 'add a meal week' every 4 weeks (if you order off the net), and the addition of the extra calories and nutrients on a periodic basis may keep the hair loss at bay. LL doesn't really give you any breaks, as I understand it.

I also understand that Exante are phasing out counsellors, and are pretty much a web-only operation now. I'm surprised they've not got back to you though, Lack of communication is not a common complaint. However personally I'd rather not have a middleman making their cut out of my health issues or other people's misery and insecurities, but I'm just jaded and cynical! ;)

As a product, I'm getting on OK with it. As long as you remember what it actually *is*, (ie a low calorie nutrient delivery system) and don't expect every last product to be 'delicious' or 'tasty', they're not actually that bad. There will always be a flavour or two you don't really get on with, but there's a developing 'swapsies' thread. Better than Lipotrim was a decade ago, anyway.(*bleurgh!*) If you keep it in context, I certainly find I can live with it.

So I'd suggest give it go, see how the first box-full (4 weeks) goes, make no long-term promises to yourself, but take it one step at a time. If that works out, have a careful week off, and do another 4 weeks. Take it one step at a time, one month at a time, you're not obliged to stick at anything that's going to make you miserable, and should anything start to go pear-shaped, just stop. Even if you don't take it all the way (which is by no means a mark of failure), you will at least be several steps closer, in a shorter time.

A reasonable set of instructions are included with the box, but ultimately, you are in charge.

If you go for it, best of luck and do hang around.

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Hi Miss Demeanour,

Thanks for your honest reply....i have found it very helpful.

I am very much a step closer to making that decision.....and will defo hang around here for a while longer. The add food every 5Th week sounds brilliant....might even fool my body into thinking things are all OK......hopefully resulting in no hair loss.

I am also wondering whether to have the 3 tfr's and add another 200 cal low carb high protein meal every day......i think it will be a case of trial and error for me....lol.

Really appreciate everyone's replies of advice....moans....groans....and wonderful uplifting posts.

Well done all.

Shaz x
There are a number of options on Exante Shaz.

TFR is called Total Solution but they also recommend what they call Working Solution, which is 3 meal packs plus a 400-cal meal. This is also what you have on add-a-meal week.

They reckon you should still lose on average about 10lbs a month doing that.

They also do Simple Solution which is 3 packs plus 600 cals of meal and snacks, which might be suitable.

One of the things I like about this plan is that it does seem very adaptable when you get into it.

Obviously the website could be more informative though if you're having to come and ask here! :D


Thanks Yambabe,

Another very helpful post.....looks like i will be able to be very flexible.....think i will try the vlcd for one month and then adjust accordingly.....really i guess that will be whatever my body tells me is the best option at the time.

Shaz x


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i found when i did the cambridge diet a few years back that my hair started to thin out so i started taking multivitamins because even though they say it has your rda of vitamins i found that just boosting them stopped my hair falling out :)


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I have not had any hair loss but it did slow down considerably, it is very short and usually have it cut every 4 weeks but have managed to go 8 weeks before Christmas and it was still within what I call an acceptable length. Good luck with Exante, it really does work.


Hi Mush and Quak,

thank you sooo much for the advice and support.
Really helps me to hang around here and look at all the posts....very good site.:grouphugg:

Shaz xx

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