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How do I know if its working?

I started Atkins on Monday, and so far I don't really feel any different. I haven't weighed myself yet because I wanted to wait a little longer so I could get a clearer idea of whether I was losing weight, but I haven't had any sort of carb withdrawal symptoms. I haven't been counting my carbs religiously but I have been sticking very precisely to the rules, so I would hope I'm consuming the right amount of carbs. Does anyone have any advice? I was going to get some ketone strips but I couldn't find them anywhere!
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Hi Rebecca

Good luck with the diet.

My diet, Go Lower is low carb, high protein and I also didn't feel any different when I started but the weight was and is coming off.
I was expecting to feel hungry when I gave up my sandwiches and crisps etc but in fact somedays I have to make sure I have eaten enough as I am not hungry.

I have never bothered with the strips because I thought what can they tell me. It is the scales that tell me what I need to know. Try to give yourself at least a week before getting on the scales and I am sure you will be surprised.
I buy ketostix from the chemist, over the counter. They're about a fiver. I like them because you get proof of how your body is burning its fat for fuel. That said they should be used at the same time of day because different things, such as water intake, can affect the result. There can be other ketosis symptoms, yikky breath is a nasty one. But the overall ketosis feeling is when you just stop feeling hungry (note -cravings don't necessarily go away! sigh) and start to have more energy than before.

As you say, you're sticking to the guidleine so just trust the plan, it works whether you've pee'd on a stick or not! lol

Hi there Rebecca, i started Sunday and i've been feeling really different - no hunger! A little headachey Monday afternoon and evening but just fine since. Been counting my carbs carefully. Can already feel that i've lost weight even though i don't have too much left to lose.

At the end of the day everyone is different and no doubt the scales will tell you whats going on when it comes round to your weigh in day.

Haven't bothered with the ketostix - i'm too stingy LOL!

All the best
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Hi Rebecca, welcome, maybe you are one of the lucky ones who don't suffer from carb withdrawal symptoms, if so lucky you. I had a monster attack of Atkins Flu when I started.
Hello! I got my ketostix from ebay. Warning though - im addicted to using them (and the scales)!
I got terrible atkins flu too. but feel fantastic now. Weight isnt shifting very quickly but stomach much flatter :D
I always feel my tummy is much flatter from the lack of carbs. I don't eat many carbs as a rule anyway (apart from chocolate!) so didn't get horrendous withdrawal.

Get a tape measure out and start measuring yourself, it's a great way of keep tabs on how you're doing without getting addicted to the scales.


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I didn't know a sign of Keotosis was not feeling hungry. I just thought because I am eating sensible portions my stomach had shrunk. Doh!!!
How long have I been on my diet. You can tell I am not one for research but I must say since being on this site I am getting better and I now take an interest in different diets etc and what they can do for you.

So my chocolate craving will never really go away.......shame!


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Hi Laura

Thanks for all the info on Keotisis.

I do remember thinking I would start my diet just before the weekend so if I got any of the symptoms it wouldn't affect me at work. As I was warned about them with the info that arrived with my food box. That was ages ago though and I never read the info again.

I think I had a slight headache for a day or so but as I suffer from migraines I didn't know at the time if I had a migraine just lurking because I had got myself so stressed about starting the diet. Why I don't know because it has been so easy!

I am drinking more, because I never used to drink enough anyway but I am making myself drink. If anything at night I am not waking up anymore at and drinking half a pint of squash like I used to.

I am not excersing either, too lazy!

It seems the only symptom I do have is not feeling hungry...... For once something is going right for me and I am still losing weight which is the main thing!
This is day 5 now and I'm really starting to think it's not working. The skirt I put on today seemed tighter than usual, and I'm still getting hungry between meals :( What am I doing wrong?
Thanks Jim.

Hi Laura,
I wonder has anyone done any studies to see if migraines and weight gain may sometimes be connected as I have come across others on this site that also suffer.

Rebecca, like Laura says see what the scales say. Mine shock me each time I step on.
Hi :)
Maybe put up a list of what you are eating and we can all have a look and see if anything wrong?? :D
Hi Rebecca

we are here to support you whichever way things go.

We have all had bad weeks and bad times on diets that is why we need to keep each other motivated.

You will do it!!!
Hey guys. Sorry I haven't updated, I've been super busy! I stuck with it and I'm feeling a lot more positive about it now. I got my period a couple of days ago, so I'm thinking maybe that's why I was a little bloated (sorry if too much info!) So I'm going to wait until Friday to weigh myself, because I'm thinking that should give me a better idea of how I'm doing. I did slip up today - I had peas with my lunch, which was particularly stupid since I don't even really like peas, but I was out and there was hardly any choice, and for some reason I had it in my head that peas were OK. I think it's because they're green! But then I got home and checked, and felt a bit annoyed with myself, but I'm hoping as long as I don't make any more silly mistakes it shouldn't hold me back too much.
Glad to hear you are sticking with it!

I'm sure you'll see a difference when you step on the scales on Friday. Yea that old TOTM is a big pain isn't it...
Good luck tomorrow.

I have certainly found since I have been dieting properly it has been a learning curve and the things I thought were fine I then find out are a no no.

I was drinking volvic with a touch of lemon and lime water and did not even realise it had sugar...... (just because I didn't look!) I didn't know I had to buy the sugar free version, which also tastes good, fortunatley. I used to drink lots of lime cordial so I needed a drink with tatse!

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