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How do I know when i'm in ketosis?

S: 11st12lb C: 10st9lb G: 9st9lb Loss: 1st3lb(10.24%)
I'm on day 5 and feel no different!! I've lost 8lbs so far and was told i'd know i was in ketosis when i have a dry mouth, but i've had a dry mouth since day 2 :confused:
Day 1, 2 and 3 were easy, day 4 i was grumpy, and today i've been distracted by work (and how fabulous i look in my old jeans haha!) Tried the chicken soup last night and was just about sick! So had to manage on just the 2 shakes, i'm really surprised how ok i feel, i wouldn't say i have the energy that i've heard people talk about but i feel good :) so maybe ketosis just hasn't kicked in yet? whats normal?
Also not really sure how long i should stay on TFR? And how long do I refeed? I thought it was just a week but seem to be reading a lot of conflicting info on here! Maybe I should stop reading so much! Any advice would be great!!
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Hi LucyLucyLu,
8lbs is brilliant, that's a really good start, think u must be in ketosis to lose so much so quick. I started LT at the beginning of April, re-fed first week of may (for various reasons) an am back on the wagon, few days in now and what I've noticed on both occasions is the bad breath - you can rust metal with it! It's the worst side-effect but the biggest give away I think! The chicken soup isn't the best tasting, I tried it after two weeks just because I wanted a change and it was really nice to have something hot, chilli flakes make it much more palitable(sp?), after a few weeks on LT u might feel differently about it! There are some great suggestions on the sticky thread about different ways to make the shakes. Love the vanilla blended with coffee an ice, tastes better than a starbucks frappicino!

I believe re-feed should be at least a week, some do it longer, I did it fir two weeks in May an lost another four pounds. My pharmacist gave me a leaflet full of really good info, maybe u should ask if yours can give u something along those lines! So many people have a different approach to the diet. Do it as long as you feel comfortable, your pharmacist won't let u continue when u no longer need to!

The mood thing is a tricky one, i was great for two/three weeks then pretty up and down but the weight loss was a great motivator. Did get slightly obsessed about food (dreaming about it an everything) but I think I've a better attitude to it now so by no means a bad thing!

Sorry to woffle on! Hope this helps and good luck!

Bobbie Jx
S: 11st12lb C: 10st9lb G: 9st9lb Loss: 1st3lb(10.24%)
Hi! Thanks, i know what u mean about the dreams! Its funny how i can miss eating even though i'm not hungry! I thought the bad breath was a sign of ketosis but i dont have it! Just a dry mouth? My first weigh in is tomorrow so will speak to pharmasist, i don't really have that much more weight to lose now, another 1 stone would do really so maybe one more week on TFR then 2 weeks refeed? Am very scared to regain this weight, if it can be lost in a week i'm sure it can come back just as fast!!


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If you really want to know you can buy ketostix from most chemists....but I never got hung up on ketosis, as long as the weight was coming off and felt blooming great I was happy.......lol. Also the not feeling hungry is another sign you are in ketosis.....
S: 13st13lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.2 Loss: 1st5lb(9.74%)
Hi again LucyLucyLu,

Biggest tip I can give u about re-feed and what really helped me was to avoid carbs, it's really helped me maintain the weight I've lost so far. Lost a stone and a half in three weeks in April so u can easily get to ur target in a couple of weeks (although I probably have more to lose than u)!

The leaflet I got from my pharmacist talked about how the shakes put ur body in ketosis by removing all sources of carbohydrates which u store in ur liver. Your body metabolises more efficiently when it's burning keytones not carbs which is why u lose weight faster on the shakes (that anthe fact that it's very low calorie). That's s really basic summary but there's loads if info online if u want to have a look. It's changed my approach to the food I eat, love pototes an rice but feel really bloated when I have them, feel better not eating them (doesn't mean I don't miss them) but it's made a real difference!

Part of the principle if the re-feed is to re-introduce carbs slowly after restricting them on LT so if u try to stick to low-carb diet it should help u maintain ur weight loss.

Hope I don't sound preachy but I read every article I could before starting LT (bit of a geek that way)!

Hope this helps u! Let us know how u get on!

Bobbie Jx

I'm sure you'll do fine! Let us know how u get on!

Bobbie Jx


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Hi Lucy
When i went into ketoses i had a hairy ughy coating on my teeth. It comes now and again when i havn't drank water for a few hours. I also felt very cold even though the sun was breaking the stones.
Refeed is usually a week but if you have lost a lot of weight and been on the diet for a few months it is advised to refeed for 2 weeks.
Best of luck on the diet and day 5 is hard for some reason. Your getting there but try to keep ur weigh in to once a week. You can get disheartened by weighing yourself often as it changes for all sorts of reasons.
Keep up the good work and keep us posted !!!!!!!xx
S: 11st12lb C: 10st9lb G: 9st9lb Loss: 1st3lb(10.24%)
Thanks everyone, really appreciate your help! I have the weird furry teeth thing so must be in ketosis, plus i'm on day 7 now so its gotta be!! Had my first official weigh in today (although once again she didnt actually weigh me she just asked me if i knew how much i weighed!) But i've lost 10lbs and am all set to conquer week 2! Bring it on!!!
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Whoopeeeeee... Thats fantastic lucy! Loving this diet you can see the results so fast, i'm on day 4 now and hunger pangs disappeared...


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yay! hehe

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