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how do i lose it where i want to lose it....my belly??!!


Skinny on the inside
Hi All,

I've just joined today and i'm sure i'll get a lot out of this site!

I did weight watchers years ago and have decided to give it another go as it really worked for me before. I go on holiday in 8 weeks time so thats my time frame for shifting the pounds.

I started 2 weeks ago and have lost 2.5lbs each week so far so i'm determined to stick to it. Also think buying a wii fit has really helped as i'm on it every night. Would definitely recommend it!

will keep posting and reading, but just wanted to introduce myself,

i've also put some ideas for meals and snacks on another thread so have a look

Nic x:D

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Hi Nic, welcome to the site. Everyone is so friendly im sure you will enjoy yourself, any problems just shout and someone will be along that can help you. Being a site mostly full of women we do have the luxury of ALWAYS having the answer :giggle:


Going From Flab to FAB!
Hey nic welcome :) ... youve chosen a great group to be with were all lovely and like vodaka says if we dont know the answer to somthing theres always somone who does ! :) Ill have a look thro your recipes thanks for adding them xx


Skinny on the inside
Hi All,

i joined yesterday and thanks to those of you who left me friendly little welcome messages!

i'm totally determined at the moment but a little worried as its my boyfriend birthday on saturday so it will be tough to stick to my points.

The poor soul has already sacrificed his planned night out at his favourite indian restaurant so i'm cooking instead.

So, basically the food shouldn't be a problem, it's the champagne I'm worried about!

A couple of bottles on birthdays has been a wee tradition of ours....Oh why can't there be a fabulous tasting low calorie one???

Any hints on how to maintain my willpower when faced with bubbly and cake??!!

Fingers crossed i can be good. weigh in on Tuesday, so we'll see......

Hi Nic, Being a site mostly full of women we do have the luxury of ALWAYS having the answer :giggle:
:D:D Very funny!! lol!!

Welcome nic and very best of luck getting to your target!! well done on your loss so far x


Going From Flab to FAB!
Ooooo Nicola the person you need to ask about champers is starlight :d shes always drinkin the stuff LOL .... sounds like youve got a lovely weekend planned :)


Skinny on the inside
Hi ladies,

Well, the weekend was fantastic but not so great when i stepped on the scales this morning.....1.5lbs on!! :sigh: Its actually better than i thought as i did drink a whole bottle of bubbly on saturday night and despite my best intentions, I couldn't resist eating my own parmesan roast potatoes (despite buying good for you mash as an alternative!) and having some birthday cake. (butter icing - whatever possessed me to buy one with that!!)

I've got my proper weigh in tomorrow so I'm hoping if I'm ultra strict until then I can shift at least some of it. I shall be dining on salad and pounding away on my wii fit board this evening like a maniac....although i'm slightly worried by the fact that i've started to answer the little computer generated trainer. I even swore at him yesterday (during yoga - not very zen like) but i blame the hangover for that!

Anyone able to tell me what bonus points you get for exercise? might make me less likely to swear at computer generated images if i know what i'm achieving!

Nic x

Don't worry nick, i talk to mine too. It always tells me to keep still and i'm trying to explain to it, thats its not me but the kitten, thats decided to sit on the bored with me. Funny though never get a response. Don't worry about your scales, chances are they don't match up with your ww leaders ones, so you might be suprised!
I really must get back on to my WiiFit. Its just lying in my room gathering dust. The boxercise is the best one I think, you do some exercise without actually feeling it as much as the running. I hate when the trainer tells you that your body is shaking a little, when you're, you know, standing on one leg. I always tell them that if they were real, they would be too. They're so smug.:D


Going From Flab to FAB!
hehehe bubbles! i had to re read the reason starry ~blushes~ .. altho better than being called this for a different reason! LOL to many sprouts or somthing lol


Skinny on the inside
Well, despite the weekend of over indulgence, it was weigh in last night and i manged to lose another pound!! Less than my last couple of weeks where i've lost 2.5lbs each time but I'm still delighted!

Its actually encouraged me more to know that i can have the odd blow out and then make up for it over a couple of days.

My holiday is in just over 7 weeks and i would love to lose a stone by then.....and i actually think i could achieve it!!



Skinny on the inside
Thanks Gem. I'm so chuffed as I was very bad over the weekend! But its great to see the weight coming off isn't it? Now if i feel like cheating, i just remind myself how great it is when you step on the scales and see you've lost. A chocolate bar or a pizza doesn't last me long but the buzz i get when I lose lasts me for days :D

Thats my motivation...just hope i don't head off on my all inclusive holiday in August and put it all back on again...i mean they have champagne included in the cost.....what hope is there??? (I'm sure 'bubbles' can relate to that - that made me laugh Starlight!)

Nic xx
Well done on losing this week, you can absolutely do a stone in time for your hols!

i mean they have champagne included in the cost.....what hope is there??? (I'm sure 'bubbles' can relate to that - that made me laugh Starlight!)

Nic xx
lol Took me aback at first mind you theyre SO cheeky, one of them sent me an email hed got from Tesco with offers on champage... titled it simply 'saw this and thought of you' Cant think what he meant ;)

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