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How do I recover from this?


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I had a bad food day yesterday. I binged on anyything I could get my hands on. I did it because I was angry that I gained 1.5lbs, despite sticking to the plan 100%. Looking back at my week, it was because I did 3 green days and carbs bloat me up (I have IBS). I won't be doing that again! So, yes I binged and I woke up today feeling angry at myself and ashamed. I want the rest of this week to be better. Do I have no syns till weigh day or shall I stick to 5? What to do? What to do? :cry:

Any help/support would be gratefully received.
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You have flexi syns days on SW for a reason so just write it off as a bad day and move on... good luck
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We all do it at one time or another but you need to draw a line under it and get back on plan.

This has happened to me when I have had a gain and I feel whats the point and then eat everything in sight, gain a few more pounds and then cant get back on track and lose it big time.

I think you need to do what has been said above use flexi syns. If you cut syns out for the rest of the week you may find it hard to keep to the plan. Start as if today is day one and you will have a good loss this week.

Good luck x


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if i was u id use 5 syns a day and drink loads of water... todays monday a new week and a fresh start, yesterdays history ;)


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I would honestly just get back on plan, forget about what's happened and stick to your normal amount of syns. One off plan day doesn't mean that the rest of the week is ruined - just get back on that SW wagon asap!
As I have said on here before, it is surprising the shake up a bit of a blow out can have on your metabolism. As long as you go back to plan NOW, your body will think it is running on higher levels of calories than it is for a few days while it readjusts again and your metabolism should therefore work faster and burn more.

Dont panic! All is not lost, this was a rare occasion and it wont affect your longer term plans. Stick to 5 a day IF you can but dont worry about it if you cant.


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I would definitely treat this as a flexi-syn day!! Absolutely complety totally and utterly!! Because if you try and have hardly any syns over the next few days you will just feel angry, resentful and deprived. This is what the wonderful flexi-syn day is all about!! Don't be hard on yourself and beat yourself up about it! You're human, we all have these days and you certainly haven't failed in any way!! Draw a line under it and carry on! Perhaps you just had to get it out of your system!! I've had a few of these unexpected gains after being totally angelic all week! Sometimes it's down to star week, sometimes exercise and sometimes my body just being totally pig headed and winding me up! But one things for sure, I nearly always have a big loss either the week after or if not the week after that!! I'm a great believer that behaviour of any sort catches up eventually, good or bad! That's what gets me through the disappointing weeks- the belief that if I continue to be good I will eventually be rewarded! Have a great rest of the week, write everything down, plan ahead and I'm sure you'll see the results you want on the scalesX


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Definitely just draw a line and move on - it's one day out of the whole of your weight loss journey so don't let it put you off course.

But you can't call it a flexi day as that is is something that needs to be planned in advance by deciding how many syns you will need to get through the day, by continuing to count your syns, and by stopping when you reach your limit. You can't call it a flexi day after the fact because the whole point of flexi synning is remaining in control of what you eat and by your own admission that is not what happened.
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Yep, just draw a line and start afresh the next day. This is how I approach it these days - in the past I have regarded a bad day as a week ruined so I may as well knock myself out with food until next week, which clearly is madness lol.

If it is any consolation it was my husband's birthday yesterday, we went to the Beefeater and I ate and ate until I had tummy ache. Then I had two huge slices of birthday cake and probably consumed about a million syns. I still had tummy ache when I went to bed and **TMI** have done the two most enormous poos already today.

As my WI is today I regret all this massively today. I am back on the SW wagon today though and if I put on this week then at least I'll know why and can try to do better over the next week.
Im another one, for the last 2 days i have eaten like im a starving person.

so im with you, climbing back on the wagon!!!

im going to cut down on my syns, but basically just start again and forget about my bad days. as long as we stop now we will be just fine.

scales might say ouch this week but we always have the following week

we can do this ;)
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Have you added the total of your 'bad food' to see how many syns you actually ate?

This would be the first thing I'd do as it keeps it all in perspective. It's far too late now to worry about whether or not you'll gain this week as you've already eaten the 'bad food'. I'd eat as much superfree as poss & drink plenty of water.

As always Circes is right, you can't count it as a flexi syn day as it is something which is pre-planned.


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well i never count syns(on a flexi day) or pre plan my flexi days and it doesn't affect me, its no different pre planning it to calling it that after if you work out your syns, you're still going to have had them either way!!

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