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How do I stop the 'sicky' feeling?

Hi :wavey:

Bigmama here, This is day 3 of my re-start, so far so good, hav'nt nibbled(although have been tempted)

Anyway today Im feeling very sick and my stomach is burning constantly.

I know the first few days are the hardest but I did'nt feel this sicky first time round :confused:

I'm drinking plenty of the h2o, is there anything I can do to ease it, I have had an extra pack but it has'nt ease it :(

Is it something I just have to ride out?


Bm2lm xx
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I seen other say that 2nd/3rd time round can be harder than the 1st time, think hun this is something your just gonna have to ride out, im sure you'll feel much better tomorrow :hug99:


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Anyway today Im feeling very sick and my stomach is burning constantly.
I am wondering if your drinking too much water at the one go?

You could try dividing your packs up and spacing them out into six mini meals a day.

As Lenwie has said it is much tougher second time round:(

If the feeling persists you should contact your CDC and see what she advises as she would know you best.

For you could also be coming down with a cold or something like that.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks guys :)

I think Im just going to grit my teeth, hopefully it'l ease in a few days:)

bm2lm xx


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Big hugs, hope it passes and you feel better soon:hug99:

Love Mini xxx
Hey hun, I suffer with that side effect too! In fact have had it most of today. Then I went out for a long walk to get some fresh air in the hope it would help me feel better, and the feeling completely went away! It might be worth a try, even though its the last thing u really feel like wanting to do!


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