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How do people feel on this?

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by pinkcupcake106, 4 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. pinkcupcake106

    pinkcupcake106 Full Member

    Hi, I've done vlcd's before & ended up feeling energy less & miserable so was just wondering how others felt while doing this? Am thinking of starting again as only diet that seems to work but worried about how it'll make me feel. Not sure if it was because before when I did it I was very fit & active & so stopped exercising to do this so felt weak & unfit but this time it shldn't be a problem as i am unfit & energy less already if that makes sense!
    Thanks x
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  3. Kayroo

    Kayroo Silver Member

    Hey, I find I have more mental energy but less physical energy while in ketosis. Think everyone is different though. Just make sure you are drinking enough water and that will help xx
  4. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    Im just here as Im thinking about starting again, I currently do lots of exercise and I'm worried I'll miss the exercise and feel similar.
    But.. I think sacrificing a few months of maybe feeling a bit crap but losing shed loads of weight and ultimately feeling amazing at the end will be worth it!
  5. pinkcupcake106

    pinkcupcake106 Full Member

    Thanks guys, I'm going to take the plunge & go for it, totally agree will feel better in a few months time. X

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