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how do u make the porridge


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Hi hun i just sort of guess with the porridge just enough water to cover the mixture then really stir it in, micro for bout a minute then add a bit more water if you need to. Should be okay then!
thanks kel so guess u dont use as much water as with other shakes, i guess practice makes perfect, only got 3 last week so one more to play around with to c if i like it or not
140mls of hot water, mix up - uit will be a bit lumpy but if you can take a handblender to work do so as its much nicer and that way you can add a bit more water as well.


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i have the porridge twice a day i just cover it with boiling water,then microwave it for a min,then put it in the fridge and have it in a big old lump cold very filling though,ha ha


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i make it up with 160ml of hot water nuk it in the micro then in2 the blender ... i add a small tablespoon of choc shake mix b4 i blend it ... makes it taste so much better ;)
oh god when i micro it i used cold water and when i jsut tryedit with boiling water in cup it was still watery, i have no hand blender must buy one, thanks guys


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can you do it with no mike?? x
you can get hand blenders for a fiver from most supermarkets :) if you take it too work though you can add 200ml of hot water - you get more porridge and its extremely filling. Hand blend it and pop in microwave for 1 min only :)

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