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How do u space your shakes/soups/bars through the day?


Slimming for my children
Just wondering as since starting I think or at least feel I got into ketosis within a day I really do.
Am on day 4 and what I have done since day 2 is have a black tea about 8am and then have a shake about 2pm then another shake about 6 and a bar when I am chillaxing in the evening as that's when I am tempted to stray.

How do you space yours? X
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I was in ketosis on day 2. I have my packs like "normal" food. Shake for breakfast (10am), bar for lunch ( 1pm) and then soup for dinner (6/7pm).

I don't find myself being hungry in the evenings anymore. We are redecorating our house at the moment though so spend the evenings helping hubby out.

Spent most of last night trying to hang a voile valance/scarf thing in the bedroom. Took hours to get right lol


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shake at 8am, shake at 1pm shake anytime between 7-9pm


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it really depends on what shift I am on, but in general, I try to leave my first pack as late as I can - regularly 3 packs have to last me 24 hours :eek: that's pretty difficult, so when I'm not at work spacing 3 packs over the course of a "normal" day is relatively easy :)

I guess peeps work out what suits in with their lifestyle, or when they're more likely to have a craving - such as in the evening watching TV.

Good luck
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I have no idea if i'm in ketosis or not - but figure if i'm sticking to the packs consistently, i'll get there eventually!!

I tend to have a pack before I leave for work (7.45 ish), a bar at around 13.00 ish for lunch and another shake at 18.30/19.00 when I get home from work.

Seems to be working for me - keeps the hunger at bay!
I dont get hungry til later in the day so I have mine when my tummy starts to rumble!
So it's usually a bar at 2-3pm. A shake at 6pm and another shake at 9pm.
I fill up on water and green tea in the morning.


Slimming for my children
u sound very much like me blue butterfly. I am off to see transformers with the hubs tonight and actually looking forward to my bar? How sad am i?

Hmmm, I'm on day 2 and have been wondering about how to space them...I like having one about 9am, the second at 5 ish and a bar in the evening about 8/9...is this gonna mess with my metabolism??!! Would it be best to have them at 'normal mealtimes'...??? K x
Cool, thanks for that :) being able to save a bar for night time is going be a huge help!! X


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If i'm working; Half a bar just after 6am, Half a shake at around 10/11am, Half a shake at 1/2pm, a full shake at 6pm and then my other half of the bar, along with a cup of tea at about 8/9pm.

When I'm not working I tend to have a shake at around 9am, another at 2pm and then a bar at 6pm.

Just depends how i'm feeling on that particular day. I find halving the packs while at work is best for me as I do quite a bit of running around and heavy lifting, so it keeps my hunger at bay.


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I have a bar at 10am, shake between 2-3, then half my soup as a cup of soup at 5-6pm, then the other half between 8-9 and that keeps me going. I drink mint tea, water and coke zero in between.


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I'm currently splitting them into six until ketosis arrives, I have half a shake at 10.30 and then have half a product every two hours finishing at 20.30


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Can you please tell me how you measure out half the shakes n soups thanks


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Sorry but still not clear on this 3 level tablespoons is that in a full pack or half a pack


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I just normally guess if I do halfs lol.

Think I may be near ketosis as only just feeling hungry, so am combining my half ten and half twelve into one and will just play it by ear for the day I think.

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