How do you add the weight loss ticker pic's

you should be given some 'codes' for a forum.. there can be about 3 different types I think...

Up the top of this page you will see: User CP on the left handside (blue bar with white writing), click on this, then Edit signature on the left hand side of the screen.

This will give you a preview and chance to edit your signature (you can add font, images and tickers here).

copy and paste the 'code' and then select preview to see if you can see your ticker... if not, just try a different code ;) for the ticker till you can see it once previewed. :D

Hope this makes sense!
It's the bbcode you need to copy and paste.

Can't wait to see your new ticker.

I tried to copy and paste. but when I previewed file it said invalid file.

What to do now??

i was copying and pasting it into the text box that said www. but it is actually the very top box that u first come too that you paste the code into (one with smiley faces etc)then press preview and then save. Took me ages to figure it out as mine kept sayin invalid file too and I just tried the top box out of desperation, and it worked, lol.
Hi everyone,

Okay, I must be a dunce!! I followed bambi's advice and pasted into' the signature part (as I too was pasting into the url line!!) but it's not the picture of the ticker that's coming up, instead it's a link to it... HELP.. thanks guys