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How do you beat your cravings?!


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Hi All,
Last night I dreamt of chocolate tart and chocolate cakes. Today I woke up with a MASSIVE choc craving, which I cannot seem to get rid of!
So far I have managed to ignore it, but wondered how else does everyone beat their cravings? Mine doesn't seem to be going away and wondered if anyone can provide any tips!!
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I always allow myself to have whatever I am craving but in an allowable amount. So if I'm craving chocolate I will have chocolate, but only a 2 finger kit kat or a curly wurly. With kit kats I nibble all the choc off first then suck the wafer! And with curly wurlys I but them in the fridge then have them with a cup of tea and suck them. This makes them last much longer and I really enjoy them and chocolate craving is satisfied and I've stayed on plan!

The problem with cravings is if you don't satisfy them and ignore them you will be much more likely to eventually succumb and binge massively. If you satisfy the craving early then there is no danger of this. So go get yourself a low syn choccie and enjoy it!


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I have beaten cravings by going "cold turkey" :D. When I started SW I gave up choc and cakes -along with several other things. The plan was to re-introduce them once I could control them. Im now over 1 year down the line and I still haven't had any.... I just don't crave any more (to be honest I can't remember what they taste like :happy036:)-even on * week I don't get cravings... :faint2:
I know it wouldn't suit everyone but it works for me.. I hope you find what works for you :vibes:


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id say just have some chocolate! i had a twirl last night...2 sticks of chocolate for 11.5 syns....quite steep but we are allowed it. I have found that if i dont eat what i fancy then i will gorge on ANYTHING in sight and still crave the first thing! haha....we are all on slimming world because we love food and dont want to deprive ourselves. xx


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I beat my cravings with a large wooden stick until they are battered black and blue and defeated, Failing that I have a cup of Options or even a sweet Onken fat free Yoghurt.


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I have been making rice crispie cakes using nuttela, pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds and add rice crispies. Then leave to set in the fridge.
Ok so they are not hard but one of these seems to help me when im craving and they are quite tasty for a few syns (just depends how much of each product u use)


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2 alpen lights choc fudge in the microwave until they start to melt. Takes ages to eat cos they hot and they fall apart but taste so much more indulgent. Since reading this on here months ago I am now addicted! Spend a fortune on them! Works tho! X
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I just have it normally, but I am not finding it hard to give up once I have a bit so am considering going cold turkey!!


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I need to control mine as I deprive myself an I get such bad cravings and Friday I turned into some crazed lunatic and binged on crisps and chocolate when I got in from work so I'm thinking of saving my syns and having a chocolate bar for afters instead of picking which I convince myself doesn't count as I have 3 malteasers or m and ms but it all adds up! I'm really hungry now but I have used my syns and I don't have any free food in apart from yoghurt which I'm getting very bored of!!


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with a big stick!!! :whoopass:

If i fancy something sweet I'll try fruit, if that's not touching it I'll have something chocolate but low syn, unless I haven't used any syns. Having some 5syn treats in the house is great! That way you can have a choccy fix without being "naughty". Also mixing options with ff natural yoghurt is surprisingly satisfying!!


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i have a little choc treat every day, if i didn't i think i would end up binging it! I got some choc mint matchmakers from aldi today and at 80 cals for 5 thats 4 syns!! or i will have a 15g bag of choc buttons and suck them to make them last!! If you feel in control it's ok and a little of what you fancy dose you good!!!! :angeldevil:


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Thanks everyone for all your ideas.....lots of things for me to try!! Looking forward to experimenting and will hopefully feel more in control of my cravings!


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I keep a multi bag of fun sized chocs in for when I crave choc. The hard part is not eating the whole bag, to conquer that, I make sure I am full up on my free food before I have it (so either have my lunch or tea) and then I am already full before I have it.

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