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How do you cope with serving food?


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Am I over doing it with the new threads today? ;)

My husband is away for half the week and comes home on a Thursday night, then leaves again on a Monday morning. While he is away I will have no problems sticking to 100% sole source. However, when he is home I really struggle and I end up going out of the house when he is eating. Which makes him feel bad for eating! This weekend he hardly ate at all and I am sure it is because he feels guilty - which makes me feel guilty - it is a vicious circle!

He is brilliant - he will cook his own food and shop for it and everything, I don't have to do that for him which is a God send.

I don't know how those of you that have to cook for your husbands/children manage to do it without cheating I really don't!
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I think its all to do with your internal dialogue about things. My husband is the same, e.g absolutely brilliant, he does all his own shopping/cooking/prep etc and I don't have to get involved if I don't want to. If I see him cooking/eating I make sure to remind myself that its my choice not to have that at the moment. The at the moment bit is the important part.

So instead of going 'god, that looks nice, I can't have it, woe is me' I try to tell Ethel (the devil on my shoulder) 'god that looks nice, but I'm choosing not to have it at the moment and it'll still be there when I finish CD'

seems to work.


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At first I couldn't cook for my H. But after a couple of weeks I was fine with it, although he struggled with eating in front of me. The first few days I did have to go out of the house, but you soon 'come to terms with it'.


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Hi Guru, of course your not overposting, no such thing lol.

I found that getting stuck in there with the food situation actually helped me. I cook for Hubby and kids with no probs and love watching cookery programmes even more than before I was on cd. Maybe I am just a gluten for punishment lol. Seriously though if you avoid food situations it will only make things harder when you return to food but I understand that for some people it is easier for them in the early days to avoid it. If you find it to difficult pop on here whilst they are eating or in the next few weeks you can have the bars which I like to eat at the table whilst my family are eating just to feel part of the eating circle. Good luck, it will get easier.


Shut up Ethel
See my 'food porn' thread for just how obsessed I am with food! It can be done, if you tell yourself 'not now' instead of 'never'.

I sole source because I am not good at choosing what to have - I am the girl for whom one slice of cake is too much but the whole cake is never enough - so I'm taking time whilst I'm on CD to really learn about food, healthy cooking and eating, and trying to retrain my brain.


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My OH went on the diet for 4 weeks just after I finished my first week!!! this was a godsend. It meant the fridge, freezer and cupboards were emptied, there were no temptations and we didn't go out very much. Once he had lost what he wanted we slowly filled the fridge and cupboards with healthy(ish) food and now I can make him anything without too much trouble.

I know this is not an option for many people but by goodness it really helped me!


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I'm the same LizS. I'm on sole source because it is easier to just remove the choice from me. I am going to have to seriously re-educate myself on portion sizes.

It doesn't help that my husband is as thin as a rake and has a diet of chips/pies/chinese take aways and doesn't put on a pound. I only have to look at a mars bar and put on three stone!

I am scared that it is a battle that I will never win and I will spend my whole life losing weight, putting it back on again, losing it again in one long horrible cycle.


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I must say my DH is slim too can eat what he wants, he does cook for himself which is great, and he cooks for me too which is even better.
I do order all the shopping on line but sometimes I go shopping to but I dont find it a problem, especially now as I am having an evening meal.

I do cook for my 2 little boys at first it was hard but now I have just got used to it.... you just have to remember not to pick... and put fairy liquid on the leftovers as soon as possible.

Good luck x


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'god that looks nice, but I'm choosing not to have it at the moment and it'll still be there when I finish CD'

that's how I feel too. I'm sure there will be times when I'm not so rational about it, but it's all about positive thinking I guess. I'm not an optimist though but to get through SS you have to look on the bright side and re-training our brains is going to be a big part of maintence.

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