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How do you cope with unsupportive partners?


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Hi, I have been doing cd for 5 weeks now after a few failed attempts, well more than a few, but something clicked this time and I found the willpower. My husband said he would help more at home ( I work 9-3 and have 2 girls aged 10 and 7 ) as he does nothing at the moment, but wants me to lose the weight.

Anyway, I was doing really well but something snapped this weekend, i ate and have not stopped since. I have asked him to be more supportive but I am finding it really difficult doing everything when all i want to do it hide upstairs where i can stay away from everything ( and this has worked so far ).

Sorry for the moan, I know I should be doing this for myself but i am so angry that the support is not there, constantly offering me bits of his take away etc.

Thanks for listening x x x
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Explain forcefully why you are doing this diet

1. to lose weight
2. to be healthier

Say it is costing money - and everytime he tempts you to have part of his take away you are wasting money .... that normally stops them!

Otherwise challenge him to do the diet alongside you and see how long he can last ...... bet he doesn't take the challenge up!!

Good luck!


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oh tracy poor u you have done so well and wow wat a lot of weight youve lost ..well done!!!..lynne said it all really ...well put lynne!! dust yaself down tracey and start again its just a couple of days blip ...so wat put it behind you..sit your man down and tell him straight u need help and hes gonna give it u!!!!! good luck hun xx


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We could be married to twin brothers !! I work similar hours and then do all the running around. I have actually become very mean in my old age. I have 2 children at home aged 14 and 6 (little one has down syndrome) and my approach is :

do nothing other than what you need to - who cares if the beds aren't made,
ignore the ironing til you find a couple of films you want to watch and have a marathon
cook tea at a set time (to suit the kids) we eat at 6.00 I prepare and serve food and plate his up if he's not in then I disappear when they are eating leaving everyone else to wash up/clear etc
Cook food that you don't like particulaly and make sure its in portion - that way you can't nick anything or someone goes short.
Cook much less than you normally do - you're only cooking for 3 not 4.
if all else fails develop a headache and need to lie down - I found this really helpful in the early days :) :) leaving your husband to do the bath-time, prepare for bed etc

And finally you shop so just buy things you dislike and no snack foods as they are too tempting

At the end of the day you need to keep the marriage in tact. My husband is a 6ft 4 beanpole and has no concept of weight issues so he eats and grazes all day but i choose to marry him and would not be without him.

So good luck with it - you've done really well so far
with love x


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Hi hun,

Don't really have advice just wanted to say: you're doing great, I know you can lose weight :)
If all else fails you could bury him under the patio?????? Hee hee, men can be rubbish can't they..... i made a cd soup today in a bowl so i felt like i was having a proper meal and he put a plate of bread and butter for me to go with it.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR hopeless!!!!

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