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How do you deal with BAD BREATH on ss cd??????


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Hey Guys,

How do you deal with bad breath on cd ss, i need to find a way to better my stinky mouth befor i go back 2 uni as i do value my friends and would like to keep them....:ignore:

i was thinking about sugar free gum but wasnt sure if we were allowed those? plus mints and sprays??

if we are allowed which brands are we allowed and were can i get them????

thanks for helping xxxxxxxxxx
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It's a problem, right? When I started SS in late November I went everywhere with listerine, toothpaste & a toothbrush in my bag, and kept making sudden sprints for the loos, I was so paranoid! My cdc said chewing gum was out, & couldn't find breath freshener spray in our local area. It does get easier after a few weeks - less of a problem, but I'm restarting SS and the bad breath is back... grrr!!! I do know others have used zero cal gum and also listerine strips... not sure what they are, but sound good. I really was self-conscious about this and developed a habit of trying to talk from behind my hand, not exactly subtle!!! Look forward to seeing how other people have coped... better than me, I bet!!!


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from other posts on here it looks like chewing gum (make sure it is peppermint or something because citric is very bad!) and you can chew it for one or two minutes. some people say you can chew for longer, but it will make you hungry or something? so people seem to think it is best to be sticking to the breath fresheners and listerine tabs.
have you noticed that you have a horrible taste in your mouth? i have and it is so horrible so i keep drinking water to try and get rid of it but it is not going!! (i'm on day two) and does your jaw hurt? mine feels quite tight, don't know if that is diet related or not though!!


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S: 15st0lb C: 13st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.3 Loss: 1st8lb(10.48%)
im probably gona have to do the same as you..... gona look a bit homeless but what the hell my breath will smell better.....

i would lov 2 chew gum all day?? but if thats gona mess with my weight loss then id rather not.. does any1 know if it effects weight loss??


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I'm on day 1 today (after a couple of days break from being ill) so I'd love to know solutions too! I've bought a tonne of mouth wash at the minute, but don't know if that will make any difference at all. Are we allowed listerine strips? x


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from what i have read i don't think it will affect weight loss, just make you hungry, so if you have a weak moment it may tip you over the edge! but i have read posts where people say they chewed gum for the whole time they were on ss and didn't affect anything!


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S: 15st0lb C: 13st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.3 Loss: 1st8lb(10.48%)
can i use any sugar free gum or is it a specific brand???

im on day 2 aswell and my jaw does feel weird too..... it feels seperate from my mouth and so heavy!?? so weird


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S: 14st0lb G: 8st8lb
oh i am so pleased you have jaw ache too! i was beginning to think i was imagining it! mine feels like i have been exercising it all day and it just wants to droop down and rest!
i was wondering that, if you were on SS for 12 weeks or so, and then you add a meal, won't it be strange to chew something!!
i've never been a fan of chewing gum, so think i will carry toothbrush and toothpaste with me, and mouth wash every hour or so!!
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you think your jaw hurts now lol, wait till you chew again for the first time! ouch!
anybrand of sugarfree gum is ok :) just check that it is sugar free. i do chew for few mins then get rid. it can start to make you feel hungry. i had it last year aswell when on cd ss and it never affected my losses.

i love having a chew keeps the jaws working!!!!!!!!
I have always been told that gum isn't allowed so i use breath spray and have done since day 1. I got a nice one in superdrug. I have also had one from asda ( there arent as many to choose from as you'd think) and it was awful!!!


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Oooh didn't know we could use mouth spray...will be off to super drug tomorrow :eek: ....have had the funny tate in mouth too but i'm always paranoid about bad breath especially as just started seeing a new fella...but bit of bad breath is worth it for the weight loss lol


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i read somewhere that you can use smints???
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I think chewing gum is supposed to be a no no as it can make some people hungry. But I chew sugar free gum all the time (for more than a couple of minutes) without any adverse effects.xx


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I carry a thing of Goldspot breath freshner spray :)
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Gum is a no-no - something to do with the sweeteners possibly throwing you off? (They metabolise in your system just like regular sugar)

I'm really sensitive to any sort of sugar, it seems, but other people seem to be less sensitive. Maybe you could try it and see if it drops you in or out of ketosis?

I've used the Listerine breath strips without being pushed out of ketosis. They're like little portable mouthwashes, which really helps me fight ketosis-mouth.
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I just brush my teeth 3 x a day and drink lots of water. I think if your mouth is always hydrated your breath will be fresher. I've been hounding my fiance and he says my breath doesn't smell! I guess cuz of all the water.
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You're braver than I am, Slimbride! I'd be too afraid of my husband fainting away from my keto-dragon-breath.

(we need a ketosis dragon breathing smiley, I think!)


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Hi I bought a small spray fits in the pocket not much bigger then your thumb it's called "gold spot" asda sells it last a long time and it was less then £1.50.
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Great thread. I too am paranoid about bad breath even pre diet so when i start tomorrow i am going to be even worse.

Have added mouthwash / spray and strips to my shopping list tomorrow!

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