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Extra Easy How do you deal with cravings?

Usually have Alpen Lights for my HEXB & save one of them for in the evening, and eat that when I feel like I want some chocolate.

OR have a bit of what you want and syn it. I had 4 Roses chocolates tonight but synned them and I'm still not over my syns for the day.


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I found making some SW 1/2 sponge cake helps, or syn free pancakes, freezing crunchies or curly wurlys syn free crisps. or actually preparing meals/ cleaning or just stayin busy keeps my mind off snacking of dirt
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I make sure I have syn free snacks around and I also make sure I save some syns for the evening which is when I get the munchies.
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Smart swaps, it may well be worth looking up some recipes and coming up with alternatives which taste similar.

Unfortunately, there will not always be a plan-friendly version of everything, shortbread in particular probably won't be something you can really make and stick to the plan without having pretty high syn-values.
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I have plenty of things to grab ready in tubs in the fridge like ham slices, carrot and celery sticks, mini quiches, chickpea dahl loaf and mugshots. For sweet things i have alpen lights and treat size chocolates, or natural yogurt with fruit and mini meringues or honey. I also hide things like biscuits in the back of the lowest cupboards so i still have them for the kids but otherwise they're out of my sight xx
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I tend to just eat something and then deduct it from my syns!

Eg if I'm craving crisps and chocolate I'll have wotsits and a hifi light and then deduct 7.5 syns from what I'm allowed


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I tend to crave a glass of wine, only thing that stops that is either slimline tonic water or ginger ale.
I don't eat chocolate, so can't crave it, which I know most people do. X
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I usually find it's easier to have a small helping of whatever I'm craving, like others have said. So for chocolate, I've got mini bags of buttons or Freddo's, for sweets I've got the small bags of Haribo. That way I'm getting something that I want and still staying within my syns :)

I also love the mini Twister ice lolly's for my something sweet, 2 syns each! :D
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Are you drinking lots of water? diet fizzys? i find i drink so much during the day now that i don't get any cravings between meals.. and are you eating enough during your meals?

I have a big tub of grapes, carrot sticks, pineapple chunks, and cherries in the fridge which i just pick at if i am hungry. Also try boiled eggs, slices of cooked meat...
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I am also one to say about diet/max/zero fizzy drinks between meals. I don't get any cravings since doing that.
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See I find them lacking :( If I have a whole box, then yes, briliant, but otherwise not much too them.
By not having things in the house. I do buy biscuits for teas I do for a voluntary organisation I belong to, but these are kept in the garage, which is too much trouble to get to in the evening. If I buy chocolate, which I do rarely, it is also kept in the garage.

I would have loved some chocolate last night. But not so much that I was prepared to put on shoes, go down two flights of stairs, across the car park (which was icy), unlock the garage, find the half bar of Lindt chocolate which is in my car, come back across the icy car park, and up two flights of stairs again. If it had been in the cupboard I would have eaten it!

The other thing is that I don't use the word "craving". To me (and I stress that this is a personal view) the word indicates something one can't control.
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Well I see it as a craving, its psychological. I now need to work on cutting down a few things slowly to ensure the cravings stop.

I was like this when I gave up cigarettes too.
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I made these today they are lovely fur a sweet craving.

Jus Rol light puff pastry rolled in Biscoff spread 5 syns each and baked for 15 minutes x

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