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just bumping and hoping someone can advise me

Miss Q

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Hiya! As far as I am aware, a superfree day is one where you eat only superfree foods (foods free on original and green days), still have your syns and HEX's.

However I'm not sure if you have 2 HEX's like on a EE day, or 4 like on original or green.

So you could have fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, a cheese and tomato sarnie and salad for lunch (HEX A and B) and massive omellete with quorn pieces, spinach and mushrooms for tea with veg.

hope that helps a little :)
I think you can have 2 As and 2 Bs on a Superfree day. I sometimes do days where I have 2 meals as superfree and the third as a red or green meal. On those days I allow myself all 4 HEXs.
Thanks all! Had Salmon Salad for lunch....so not sure if that woul fit a Superfree day!

Julia he is fine now thank-you very much! xxx


I want to be fitter again
I am having a suprefree day today. Only things that are free on both days as well as both healthy extras. So far today for breakkfast I had 2 scan brans (part hexb) 28gm salmon (2 syns), grapes blueberries, strawberries and plums. Lunch 2 scan brans (part hexB one left) with egg mayo made with fat free fromage frais, cucumber and apple. This evening I am doing chilli quorn with steamed vegetables and will have yogurt for pud. HexA having milk in my teas. Hope thatmakes sense.
Rosie xx
Here was one of my superfree days:

B: vanilla mullerlight mixed with 1 Weetabix (1/2 HEX B) & strawberries and raspberries

S: pink grapefruit, banana

L: 4 scan bran (1/2 HEX B), 57g Philly Light garlic & herb (HEX B), Quorn ham, sliced cherry tomatoes; skinny cappuccino (HEX A)

S: Quorn barbecue sliced fillets

D: Quorn shepherd's pie, green beans

Dessert: 3 Babybel Light; pineapple, raspberries & strawberries with vanilla Muller Light; 2 Mikado biscuits (1 syn)

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