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How do you do it?

heres my story.......

im 27. im overweight by about 5 stone. ive 18 weeks to my wedding and ive left it very late to start anything. the thoughts of doing a VLCD would just depress me even more at the moment. can i calorie count on 1000kcals a day and loose a lot?
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You need to find an estimate of how many calories you currently burn a day, you can find loads of websites on google which do estimates. Then if you cut calories back by 1000 each day (the safest upper limit), and up your exercise a bit you can lose 2lb a week safely. in 18 weeks that's 36lb which is 3stone! That's about the most you can lose without doing VLCD.

Oh, I just found out today about 'callanetics' - basically yoga/pilates exercises but they say on the blurb that if you do them for an hour a day for 10 days you drop a dress size. Some reviews and stuff have said that's true and it's generally well rated. Might be worth a try anyhoo.


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heres my story.......

im 27. im overweight by about 5 stone. ive 18 weeks to my wedding and ive left it very late to start anything. the thoughts of doing a VLCD would just depress me even more at the moment. can i calorie count on 1000kcals a day and loose a lot?

Hey, welcome to the forum.

I have been on a 1000 a day caloirie diet for around 14 weeks now, and iv lost 2 an half stone, its not for everyone but definately for me, as i can still eat the things I like, just a little bit less of everything. My start weight was very close to yours.

Good luck, you have a wedding to look forward to, that should keep you going for inspiration.


I am on 1000 cals a day and i find it quite easy to do. I have cut carbs out alot! As you can tell i have lost 23lbs since the first week of Jan sooo... in 16 weeks


Yes Yodevil is catching up with me!! Grrr lol


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Hi there and welcome xx

I have also been on 1000 since xmas and lost stone and half, I think ...
In that time I have had mini breaks where I haven't lost because I haven't done it properly, but still I'm happy enough looking back and I'm half way to target. You might want to start on slightly more and drop back after a few weeks. 1000 straight off will see you fainting in the aisles at Tesco if you're not careful!!!

I did the Cambs diet, was very successful for shifting weight quickly but you do have to knuckle down to it and yes I found it very hard, missed food but it did make me realise why I over eat and when, and that I had to deal with my problems without food as a back up xx

Best of luck xx I'm sure you'l look so pretty on your day xx


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Hi Scarymary

Personally, if I was you, I wouldn't go as low as 1000 calories, at least not to start off with. To me, that seems, way too low.

I would look at a calculator (you can google these) to see what calories you would be recommended for your weight/height.

You haven't put your height on your profile (or at least I can't see it) but I took the liberty and put in your weight and a guess height of 5ft 6inch (at a different site i used for weight loss) and it calculated that you should be on 1590 calories and still be able to lose weight successfully on this. I know that must seem high, when you are considering 1000, but I would give the higher calories a go (even if you don't go to the high end scale of these) and see how you get on in the first few weeks. You can always change it, when you know how it is/isn't working in the next few weeks.

Also, I know your wedding seems not far off (congratulations, by the way) but I feel, if you go too low with your calories, you'll end up either feeling unwell, or you'll push yourself so much that you'll end up giving up. Give yourself realistic goals that you can work with, and you're more likely to succeed.

Also, try to add some exercise into the regime, which will help with the weight loss too.

Good Luck:bestwishes:


1000 calories does me just fine, some people are different. If you are used to eating alot then maybe it is too lot but i never really ate loads, just the wrong stuff so i guess thats why it works for me...
I think Im gonna have to buy a book or something or maybe Im thinking about this too much. It seems difficult to do?

Do you just google the calories in the foods?

Average day for me is porridge made with water for brekkie, a banana, homemade veg soup for lunch, a yoghurt, stir fry or pasta for dinner.
I keep away from porridge, bread, potatoes, pizza and pasta - they're just too loaded with calories and taste so bland I can eat 1000s of cals worth without getting the taste.

Boiled eggs are my best friends - at least one a day - only 100cal. And Grapefruit's good too - it takes so long to eat. Eggs are fiddley too - things which slow me down help me to have time to feel full and stop before I've done any damage.


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My doctor suggested I try 1000 cals a day, and i have various health problems. I find 1000 cals more than enough for me, and I never eat any more than 900, as I find it hard to fit in the extra food. I only eat when I'm hungry, if I eat when im not hungry I feel physically sick, its just the way my body is.

People still lose weight eating 1500, everyone is different!!



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You're right Vickydink, people are different and a lot of people are fine on 1000 cals per day (me included, sometimes). I just wanted to let the op know that you can still lose weight successfully eating more. I think it can be very daunting, for some, starting a new diet, especially when it's for something so important like a wedding. So to know, you can still diet but still eat a good amount of food, is less daunting.

I think once 'it' clicks, you know what your own body wants/needs and can give it, just that.

By the way, you've had some great losses, Vickydink. Well done.


You're right
By the way, you've had some great losses, Vickydink. Well done.
Thankyou :)
I need to keep losing though, i so want to get there, got just over another stone as you can see. Soon as the tummy has gone then thats the target really rather than weight but not sure just over a stone will get rid of that...hmmmm!
I am on 1000 a day. When mine goes up to 1500 I start GAINING!! AHHHH! lol.
I think this is because I do like next to no exercise though ;)
I am starting to go the gym as from monday though (woop!)

but I would say start at say 1300 for a week or two and see how much you lose ... when it starts slowing riiiight down, then go down to 1000! That way you have room to adjust.

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