How do you drink the water?


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I only ever managed 4 litres on LL once or twice, usually managed 3 litres a day. Am thinking when I start CD I need to try a little harder but I just can't seem to drink anymore htan that.

Any tips?

Lynne x
i buy a litre bottle and start the day with one litre....then allow myself my first pack....then again at lunchtime I only allow myself to have my pack after another litre has been consumed and then in the evening the same thing again....then before bed I finish the final litre

sometimes I manage more..

I use sparkling water and CD water flavourings, it's just like a fizzy fruit drink! I find it's so much easier to drink!

Good luck with your water today!

Sarah x
1. I time myself, I drink 2 litres before 12pm, I drink another 2 before 5pm and then I drink 2 in the evening before bedtime. Not only does this allow you to keep track of the amount you have drunk it also stops you drinking too much at once and having a very dodgy tummy resulting in a trip to the loo !

2. Do not drink it cold, if you drink it cold you cannot drink anywhere near as much and also it is more likely to upset your stomach. Therefore make sure it is room temperature water i.e. don't put a bottle in the fridge and don't buy a bottle in the Supermarket/Shop that is in a chiller cabinet.

3. I drink from 2 litres bottles but I pour them into a 500ml high tumbler glass, I recommend you drink from a large glass as if you drink from the bottle you won't drink anywhere near as much as it can't pour as quickly into your mouth. Also sports caps on bottles means you would take a month to drink 6 litres so a glass is an absolute must!

4. When drinking the water don't think about it, think about something else i.e. what's on TV tonight etc. I find I can literally drink nearly the whole glass if I just keep glugging it and think of Norwich winning the premiership ;-). If you think about the water you won't drink very much and also you will start to gag (not nice!)

5. Keep a note on paper of how much you are drinking each day, I find the fact that I managed to drink 6 litres yesterday on paper makes me think I can do it today and then tomorrow.

I agree with icemoose in the main.

The only difference is that I tend to drink more in the early part of the morning as I don't drink during the night. I don't mind this as it tops the levels in my body back up to where need to be and then I start the timing the consumption from when my first 2 litres are finished so that from then on I get consistent water consumption.

As I have a 3 year, the fridge has loads of fridge magnets and I have nicked 4 of her small magnets which I put at the very top of the fridge and then move each number down as I refill my 2 litre jug. This way I know where I stand because my 3 year old is a demon for nicking any paper she can find and doing creations with it!

I always drink 6 litres a day.

I have struggled this week with the water (TOTM) but generally I drink a litre on the way to school/work, another litre by about 11.30ish and then I drink another 2 litres by about 5ish. After that I call it my "bonus" water - usually another litre to a litre and a half.

I put three two litre bottles of water in the fridge over night and then take two out first thing in the morning and take them to work with me. I fill up a 1 litre sports bottle from one of the two litre bottles and keep that topped up all day! I find it easier to see the water in terms of litres rather than two litres and feel quite satisfied when each two litre bottle is emptied.

I sing do a deer (nice tip if you remember) as I drink and I see how far through the song I can get before I gag lol! I can generally down about half a litre that way and do it almost on the hour if I can although it doesn't always work out that way because of meetings etc.

I do drink from the sports bottle in the car (complete with lid on lol) because I find it easier to control the water flow! When I get to the office, I take the sports lid off and drink from there as it goes down quicker.

I have just bought some of the flavourings but think I will save that for mixing with the sparkling water so I can have a litre of sparkling in the evenings and have a bit of taste.