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how do you drink your water

1stly i can't stand it as it has come out of the fridge, to cold for my stomach.

But i also can't drink it out of a glass or cup, i much prefer to glug out of a plastic bottle.

So i fill my water bottles up on a morning, put them in the fridge then take them out 30 mins before i 'm going to drink them, and leave them to cool down a bit.

But a glass is a def no no
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Hi i am the exact opposite. Until i started using a glass i found it really hard to get the water down !!! Now i feel up 3 x 1lt bottles, take them out of the fridge as i go, and fill my glass from them.:tear_drop::tear_drop:
I only seem to get my intake if I buy 1 litre bottles. Since I have had 500ml bottles I have not been drinking as much. I prefer it cold but I do actually like drinking water so it's not too bad for me! x
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by the pint!
Pint on rising (to take the taste out my mouth) by aplastic bottle at work and in a china cup at night
I don't like it too hot or too cold, just right...like a calorie counting goldie locks!

Sipping a couple of mugs of hot water is meant to be good for the ol' "Cambridge Clods" (also known as constipation). ;)

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I don't like it too hot or too cold, just right...like a calorie counting goldie locks![/quote]


I'm the same. Don't like it warm, but not straight out of the fridge.


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I hate cold water unless it's sparkling mineral. I have a 750ml sports bottle and drink one whilst getting ready in the morning for work. A bit more in the car when driving to work. Finish the rest before I start first class (I'm a teacher). Another bottle before lunch and the last one after lunch and finish it before dinner. After dinner I drink 2 green teas. All of my water is from the tap or the water cooler at work.



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BREN how do u manage drinking that water being a teacher? im back to school on tuesday, and dreading needing to go to the loo all the time!


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I have to have my water ice cold from the fridge otherwise it makes me gag!
I have a pint when I get up with my shake before work then use a 1/2 litre bottle at work filling it from the water cooler. Have a minimum of 2 1/2 litres at work then when i come home i have a litre of sparkling water with the water flavouring.
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I just fill up a pint glass straight out of the tap and drink it slowly, then refill etc. If I need some variety I use water flavouring. But I have learned to like water where before I hated it and instead was a diet coke addict!! xxx


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I had a wisdom tooth operation that went wrong just over 12 years ago. I have nerve damage and cant drink water from the tap. I tent to go for room temperature water from a plastic bottle. Not stylish, but hey, it gets the water down :-D
Hi! I have just "treated" myself to a Brita water filter jug. This has helped me drink the volume of water by just keeping it out at room temperature and just making sure I have the 2/3 lts a day. If im going out Ill fill a 1lt sports bottle from it and take that with me. My kids are terrible with the amount they drink as well and the jug is now being used by them. Not hugely expensive about £10 with a new filter being about £3/4. This works for me....

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