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How do YOU eat all your points?


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Some weeks I find myself REALLY hungry and have difficulty staying within my points (including those earnt from APs!).

Other weeks, like this one, I'm just... not as hungry and struggle to eat my 18, never mind my APs on top of it.

Now, I know I should try to eat all of my points, bar maybe a couple because I earn APs, but I'm finding it extremely difficult this week.

I don't really choose "low fat" food - I live with my parents whilst I save to move out, and we just all eat low-fat food (plus I'm cheap and don't want to buy full fat yoghurt for example when we have 30 non-fat ones that are just as nice sitting in the fridge!). Plus, I actually LIKE skimmed milk and lower fat versions of mostly everything.

I do love a bit of booze, and would spend my excess points on that at the weekend, however, I weigh in on a Tuesday, and alcohol makes me retain water like nobody's business and it takes usually about 3-4 days to shift it :/

Does anybody have any advice? I want to eat more of my points but I don't want to be unhealthy with it! Yesterday I was quite shy of 18 points (my daily allowance) so ate a skinny cow lolly and a bag of low-fat crisps and to be honest, it felt quite unhealthy (i'm not really a fan of processed foods but I make do because they're fast and because I get up at 6am and don't get home til 9:30pm).

Sorry for the long ramble!
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Well the other night I had 10 points to use so I ended up eating 2 ww biscuits, a packet of french fries and 2 bowls of frosties and I still had 1.5 left!
Seemed realy silly to 'have' to eat but I know its important.
Yesterday I ate more snacks in the day then had an unplanned higher point tea so that was ok.
Just need to remember to eat more in the day!
Hi Im the same some weeks I could eat a scabby dog then other weeks I have points left at the end of the day,I do see this as my emotions control my eating thats how I became very overweight.
I think you have a good mental plan going on that you dont want to eat junk but remember to enjoy what your having,I have a pack of crisps everyday nearly as I love them but chocolate doesnt bothe me,I also have sent 15 weeks eating very very healthy foods and now in week 16 I crave something unhealthy so it I feel can eventually be hard to get 100% healthy every day and a little junk in our points can make this plan easier to stick to? I know others will disagree but I have spent 22 years yoyoing and being 'diet anal' and failing so this time I have what I want in my points.
Maybe if you have points left each day use them towards a nice meal or drinks before the end of the week and it uses them up and it is a way to make your life normal in a healthy way :) xx


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i'm the same some weeks i have to find things to eat cos i have points left....then others esp the week before TOTM i would eat one of the kids if they stayed still long enough lol x
Im the same with TOTM for the few days before I just want to stuff my face with chocolate and junk. Other days I just dont want to eat as much. I find it hard to make myself eat up my points if I dont actually want to eat. I see this as being what got me fat in the first place- eating just for the sake of it. If I dont want them I just save them and have a bottle of wine with them on a friday night :but ssh dont tell anyone: ;-)
rofl I can always eat my pt's!:(

Most nights I have 2 left so have crackerbread and ham with a piece of fruit, does me nicely! I will hold back on my tea so I get my 9pm snack mind you lol


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I have no problem eating my points and although eat healthily sometimes I also enjoy my junk at times too.

Perhaps eat healthy high point things like nuts and seeds or use olive oil in cooking. good luck


Likes to eat
I see this as being what got me fat in the first place- eating just for the sake of it.
This is so true and may be what is subconsciously inhibiting me. I gained weight because I was a big eater - even of healthy things. I just need to reactivate that sometimes hahaha!

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