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  1. SharonA_1970

    SharonA_1970 Full Member

    Lighter Life
    When i was eating I used to notice that I could go all day, unless I was in binge mode, without eating and then would snack constantly in the evening. Now I have noticed I am doing something similar with my food packs. I don't have anything until at the earliest 1pm and then its usually half a bar. I then eat a soup, banana and chocolate shake between 7pm and say 10pm. My question is really should I be trying to stop this and spreading them out more evenly in an effort to break the habit of eating in the evening?
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  3. KerrieW

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    I know LL say that you can have your packs whenever but it sounds like you have identified it as a problem area for you. I try and space mine out, especially if I'm going to the gym or something I make sure I have my third pack prior to leaving work. Personally I am trying to wait till I am semi-hungry to eat them as I am wokring on identifying physical hunger properly but ketosis doesn't always lead to hunger so sometimes I just grab them when I can. Maybe you could talk to your LLC as it's quite positive that you have identified this may continue to be a problem for you unless you take steps to break the habit. But equally you don't want to get into a habit of eating when not hungry or when you don't really want anything! Bit confusing really. It might be something that is fine for now but that you could address in Managment?
  4. Eileen

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    Slimming world.
    i like a pack when i get up one at lunch time one at tea time & last one about 9pm that way i have something too look forward too.
  5. SandraEG

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    Lighter Life
    I also leave mine until the end of the day as I can get through the morning on coffee water and marigold but I couldn't get through the evening on that!

    I tend to have 1 about lunchtime (anytime from 11am to 1pm) and 1 mid afternoon, 1 either on the commute home (bar) or as soon as I get in and 1 in the evening after I've given my partner his dinner.
  6. Cerulean

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    I mix mine up a bit - some days nothing til after 8, some days they're all gone by lunch - at first I spaced them out evenly - it's whatever suits you really and whatever will get you through the day. My LLC has a client who just drinks all 4 choc shakes at 8pm so they can get it over and done with in one go. At the moment I have two for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner.
  7. Mrs Lard

    Mrs Lard Silver Member

    I really try to space mine out; I always have one for breakfast, tend to get hungry late morning/lunchtime, one late afternoon and then one in the evening. It depends what I am doing but I try not to have any too late.

    For me, I get a bit panicky if I have finished all packs by 4pm!

    At the weekend, it changes and is tougher, to be honest. One person in my group finishes hers by 1pm on a Saturday (and is not happy about it).

    Mrs Lx
  8. Mia

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    I too can go all day without and tend to save mine for later on. Therefore, I do have a lunch at 12.30 - 1.00 then something while I watch Emmerdale at 7.00 then my last one (usually a hot chocolate) at 9.00 - 9.30. They I don't go to bed hungry x
  9. back on track

    back on track Full Member

    I don't generally have my first pack until about 11/11.30 ish and then my second mid afternoon. This is ok unless I am really busy at work and then sometimes i forget to have the second one until its nearly time to go home and then I struggle to have my last two packs in the evening. There have been one or two occasions when I just could not face the last pack so missed it out.

    After my holiday and breaking abstinence I am feeling more hungry than I did before and I am now four days back on the packs and still not back in ketosis.:( It seems to be taking longer to get in ketosis this time although I have almost lost the weight gained!!:confused:
  10. silhouettes

    silhouettes Silver Member

    my first pack is when i get to work 7:30 am
    2nd pack lunch time 12:00
    3rd pack when i get home 5:00
    4th pack early evening 8:00

    I try not to have anything after 9pm and like to space my meals out
  11. SharonA_1970

    SharonA_1970 Full Member

    Lighter Life
    It's nice to see what everyone does. I think Kerrie hit the nail on he head for me that I may well have recofnised a potential problem area for myself. I think I might change mine around slightly
  12. Juliakno

    Juliakno Taking it Day by Day

    Hi Sharon!
    I was wondering about this recently myself. I have always been an evening nibbler, and now without fail have to have my last pack (usually Thai Chilli) made up into Poppadoms with a big glass of sparkling flavoured water at around 9.30-10.00pm. I am actually really looking forward to this every night,and am very grumpy when for some reason I can't have it. I am asking myself whether I should really stop this, as clearly I am still using food (albeit LL food) to help me to wind down once all the days work has been done.
    On the other hand I wonder whether the actual habit isn't really the problem but maybe it's what I eat. If I for example could have a healthy snack in the evening (once I eat again that is) obviously the habit is still there but the actual impact would be different. For now I have decided not to worry about it too much, as clearly as long as I only have the 4 packs a day it doesn't matter when I have them. But I am aware that this will need addressing once I introduce food again. I am confident though that there are ways around it/to deal with it. As long as we know our habits/weaknesses (which LL has definitely helped to highlight) we can plan our food accordingly and should be able to deal with our habits. After all, as long as the overall amount of calories is such that we don't put weight back on it shouldn't really matter at what time of day we have the majority of them.
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