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How do you eat yours...........


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I see some of you split shakes and cut up your bars to spread out during the day, do you do this to stop feeling hungry at any time?

I eat/drink mine at set times(ish) through out the day my reason being I dont want to be in the habit of grazing all day, Iwant to get in the habit of 3 meals a day and not snacking.

each to our own i guess.lol.

good luck all.xx
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I try to have them at set times - i have them 7.00 3.00 and 7.00 -


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i have brekkie post 9 at some time, then lunch when i feel nibblesome, usually around 1 or 2 and then my final shake as late in the evening as i can make it :)

abz xx
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i have mine 12, 5 (includes ss+) and 8/9 :)


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i have;
10am; half shake
2pm; hot veg drink
5/6pm; soup whlie family has meal
7pm; 1/4 tetra frozen into lolly
8/9pm; 1 bar cut into little bis from the freezer!
10/11pm 1/4 lolly

i "graze" all evening.
i hope this is ok!!
i find i dont get too hugry in the day -too busy!
soap time is nibble time!! xx
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I salute the idea of 3 meals and no snacking! I have mine as late as poss in the morning then at 4 hour intervals.


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I split them into six meals. Always was a great fan of snacking :D (still am come to that :D)
I'm on 810 and have:

8am - shake
1pm - half my meal
4pm - soup
6pm - other half of my meal
10pm - shake

And my yogurt (as milk replacement) at some point in the evening.


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I too go for the '3 meals a day' routine. I try to have my first shake fairly early on (something in my mind harks back to my mum spouting about how breakfast kick starts metabolism), then my next one is around 2, and my final one is around 7.30-8pm.
I personally don't want to be worrying about the right amount of water for half a shake or losing track of how much of something I have or haven't had. But it's a very personal diet in my opinion and therefore we each choose what suits us :D
Yeah i usually go by the 3 meals a day rule, tetra for berk, lunch and dinner...although today have not felt hungry and have a bar so i had one for brek and am having a shake and bar tonight to make it feel like a treat!! Do you know if it's ok to add more water to the shake tho to make it last longer?x


This is the last time!!
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Airgirl, by the time I have mixed my shake with ice etc it is around 12oz (or just under 400mls). My CDC said that was ok.
Thanks Jan..have just added a little extra water and ice to mine, can't see how it should make a difference other than in taste.x
I have
8.30am a vanilla or choc shake made into porridge.
12.30 mid day a shake/soup
5pm bar or shake made into mousse.
Well after tea I clean and wash up etc, then we have a walk around the woods when we get home get the kids bathed a ready for bed, kids into bed, me into bath and pjs, an hour on the sofa and tucked up in bed by 10pm, I get up around 5.30am to do pack ups and get Paul up for work.
So I get through the evening keeping busy and drinking water.lol.
I don't find I'm hungry at all so wouldn't really matter when I have them. Although I like to save my last one for after I've cooked hubby and son their tea so that I'm not tempted to pick at their food!
Wanting to pick all evening is just one of my bad habits that I am retraining myself not to have. I just sip water now :)


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I have mine as 3 meals when my DD is having her meals so usually 8am (although I sometimes have mine after school run), 1pm (lunchtime at work) and around 5pm. I'm into week 6 now and totally out of the habbit of looking for food to snack on in the evening.

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