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How do you find...


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... your weekly group session?

We started in my group with 10 people.

  • 3 didn't turn up and have never been seen since.
  • 1 came once and has not been seen since.
  • 1 dropped out as she said she couldn't afford to continue.
That leaves 5 of us...

  • 4 people have eaten to varying degrees
That leaves me that has been 100% abstinent.

Now I know this is a personal journey and what other people choose to do is up to them. At the end of the day my focus is me and we are told to take the responsibility of "I" not "we".


Apart from 1 person (who has relaxed with it this last week). I feel that I am in a group of "diet prisoners" that are particularly negative!

I have become friendly with one girl and we are in contact daily and she is feeling positive and it has really kicked in for her now. She told me today that she would have given in if it wasn't for my daily support, which is lovely and I am pleased it has become her journey now.

Last week there was just the two of us for the group which you would think was a benefit, but it isn't when the LLC decides to repeat the class again next week for those that didn't come cos they didn't have a good week..

How do others feel about their group?

Kat xx
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Jo B

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I love my group - there were 9 of us to start with and then 3 others joined the week after. Two have dropped out and all apart from me and one other have eaten.
Having said that we are all hugely supportive of each other and will definitely keep in touch when we are done. Most of us are going into developers together, so many in fact, that we are actually keeping the same time slot for the moment as our LLC doesn't have another foundation group starting at that time.
I probably wouldn't have found it as simple as I have done was it not for them


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Lots of good new threads Kat!

i have to say my weekly session is a bit of a disaster.
Out of 7 there's only 3 of us left but i think 3 new ladies joined us from last week (didn't turn up though)
Our LLC is overloaded with work as they are short staff so we're having to wait for our session to start for ages (smetimes even an hour!!)
Other than that Sonia and her sister Elena are LOVELY!
The ladies in my group are all... hmmm somehow odd.
One suffers from accute depression and end up talking about herself and her 'issues' for half of the session (nothing wrong with that but not ALL the time).
The other makes no secret of the fact she eats on a regular basis (which is fine if that's what she wants to do but why brag about it). I know have lapsed before but i didn't announce it to everyone with a big smile on my face!
The others are very... idle and hardly ever speak out which leaves me and one other lady actively participate in the class.
Other than that it's fun lol


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mine were great in foundation, but then developers i found difficult as they all lapsed constantly.
now in RTM its different people every week, nice but not the same as foundation
daisy x


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There was only 4 of us in my foundation group and each of the others ate at least one full meal every couple of weeks if not more often and I'm the only one who seemed to be abstinent. They did keep saying how inspirational I was but I found it a bit odd to be honest. One lady has a gastric band but that has apparently failed - I don't know the details though. I think 3 of us have gone on to developers.

Since Friday I've catered for a picnic and have produced 5 full meals for our guests made up of several courses and lots of side dishes but I've managed to stay abstinent thankfully. I guess everyone's mindsets are different.

We've not had any group sessions since foundation ended, It's just been a weigh-in, I'm not sure how it's supposed to be but I did think the sessions continued.


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We started with 10 and this dwindled to only 4 regulars. Our LLC offered us the chance to join in with a new group that was just about to start when i was in week 3. This has really helped as we are now up to 12 regulars and I find the bigger group a bit more dinamic. It has meant repeating some of the early weeks homework, but with quite a lot to loose it means that my foundation will last beyond the 14 weeks which I think will be helpful to me.
Lots of good
One suffers from accute depression and end up talking about herself and her 'issues' for half of the session (nothing wrong with that but not ALL the time).
The other makes no secret of the fact she eats on a regular basis (which is fine if that's what she wants to do but why brag about it).

This sounds just like my class! While im sorry she's having such a hard time with her personal life, im not paying £66 a week to listen to all her problems :eek:

Me and my friend that go were the only ones we worked out that had been 100% abstinant for the 3 weeks we've been there. Others openly admit they have cheated, i dont see the point in doing it as your not totally committed :confused:

Apart from that, our group is fab and we have some right laughs, and our councillor is lovely :D


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Well Kat, i think you know the story of my group. I started in what was technically their week 3, there were 7 of us. Since then one returner dropped out after 2 weeks, another 2 have dropped out. Which left 4 of us. However since the structure changed, and some people are now in Monday groups and others in Saturday groups. there are 3 of us left from the original group and we have be joined by 1 other lady from what was the Monday group. Not sure if there are more of them but last week only the 4 of us. Still it was a great group session, lots of talking and learning. TBH most of those that have left never really "joined" in so it was just one or 2 of us doing all the talking. Looking forward to tomorrows group to see if there are any new faces. Re the lapsing, I am the only one in my group that has not lapsed. I feel pretty good about it, because I am doing it for me! What others do is their own choice I guess.


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