How do you get your head into gear?

Ro Laren

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I can't make myself get in the right head space - it's just something that happens. The gears in my head just seem to click into the correct position.

I know when I'm in it because I lose weight!

Everyone might be different, but I know it's not something I can consciously do.


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I plan ahead and begin cutting down on carbs. Preparation and planning I find is key.

I get husband to take new photos and I do new body measurements.

I write down list of things I want to be able to do in the future and how I am feeling both physically and mentally.

I have everything ready to begin on a certain date...sometimes I have messed up the start day and has not gone as planned and I just keep going with the intention of doing better the next day and so on...

Gradually over the following days
my head begins to shift focus on where I want to be in a few months time, my cravings for sugar begin to subside due to less carb intake and this help me to get my head back into gear.

I find I have practised this so often now:eek: it does not take me very long to get in the mood for dieting.

Love Mini xxx
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I pretty much do the same as mini, make sure all the carby things I love are gone, etc...

but getting your head into gear, I don't know how I do that other than I know Atkins works for me. HTH


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Dunno how to explain that one, for me something has just changed, thinking and treating food in a whole differant way. Had lots of therapy mind you. I'm liking me loads for the first time in my life, and I think thats got a lot to do with it. Agree with all of the above too. I plan everything as much as I can, take loads of piccies. And minis!!! Can't put into words how much it has helped me :)


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Thanks for your replies. It really hit me today that I need to get this weight off once and for all. The sweat was running off me on a winter's day, then I went into a cafe and the people I was with suggested we sit at the table and chairs secured to the floor. I joked to one of them sitting opposite if they wanted to swap as it was a tight squeeze and laughed but it was a half-hearted joke and it wasn't funny.:(

I found myself silently praying that I would be able to get out again as the embarrassment of being stuck in the damn seat would have killed me.:eek::cry:


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For me, I had to hit rock bottom. I had to reach a place where I felt no hope, no love, no future. And then I had to open up to the idea that I was wrong. I then started pulling myself out of it, making friends, building a life. THEN I was ready for LL.

Much of that may just have been how it affected me, but I do think for many people, it has to be accepted that you can't keep going as you are - that you have to do something real to stop what for me was a slide into oblivion.

I always tell people to start with a list of things they want to do, but feel they can't. And imagine how it would be to do them.

I think a lot of the time, we try but expect to fail - so it's important to expect to succeed to improve chances.


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It took me ages to get into the right head space and start losing weight properly, and I just kept trying (and failing) until it happened. I knew that it happened because I stopped failing, I also stopped being so obsessed and uptight and worried about my weight and got on with it and it felt like a natural and enjoyable process rather than a forced and uncomfortable one!



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For me, it's a conscious decision. I gained some weight very quickly (junk eating and no exercise) and took a good long look in the mirror and said "enough is enough". For me, that put my head in the right place to sit down and plan my attack; what to eat, what not to eat, how to do it, how to exercise, and most importantly, I set my goals realistically. I also went to my local GP and requested full blood tests to see my starting point with cholesterol, triglycerides, etc, so I could compare as time went along. So I suppose I just got very serious about it.