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How do you girls keep the pounds OFF during pregnancy??

I had my bambino 9 months ago and i gained 3 stone during the pregnancy!!! I made the mistake of using the "eating for 2" excuse even though im a student midwife and should know better!! also, did the lipotrim diet a year before and lost 2 1/2 stone so im back to the start again now and started cambridge diet, but wanting to TTC in march so losing weight for next pregnancy...but im terrified im going to make the same mistake and gain it all back...any tips? x
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Why not take a look at slimming world if and when you get pregnant its the only approved pregnancy "diet" so i'm led to believe.

There is a thread for pregnant sw ladies.

Theres also an article in todays daily mail about an overweight lady who started while pregnant and has gone on to lose 10 stone.

What ever you decide to do good luck.
Hi i had my baby 4 months ago and put on 7lbs, like u in my first pregnancy i ate ANYTHING i wanted and put on 3stone!! but i knew i didnt want to do it this time so i stocked up on all healthy food and just told myself that 'this is what im feeding my unborn baby....i need to be healthy for her!!' it worked for me. good luck with TTC x
Ps im doing CD now to get my first pregnancy weight off!!
This is what im worried about, my little girl is 20 months gained like crazy i was eat eat eat and gained 6 STONE! and i want another baby now (currently 1 day late ;)) but can feel it coming., i don't want to gain any more :( x
yes but now you know what you want - am a firm believer in that, if you have a firm knowledge of how you want the next pregnancy to be it's much easier, PLUS on ur first, god knows, NO ONE knows what they're doing, I know I certainly didn't LOL
Intresting read!

I think if i get pregnant again, im going to just eat healthy a well balanced diet! insted of the packets and packets or tantastics and tubs of sorbert like last time LOL
im sure ull have a lovely pregnancy this time around, i agree that if u say u want something u can make it happen. i ate like a pig when i was pregnant, i went from 6 1/2 stone to about 10stone 11! but i was very skinny b4 so now im back to 8stone 6, an im much healthier. good luck, look forward to seeing your diary :)
oh and slimming world is great for pregnancy cos its just about eating healthily, and eating lots, just of the right foods! and ur syns allow u to have treats too ;)
When I was pregnant for my first child, I over ate and gained a lot of weight. I was determined not to make the same mistake with my second pregnancy. I ate lots of fresh fruits and veggies and lean meats high in protein. I also walked and rode my bike as much as possible, almost daily. I had so much more energy this time around and felt great. Only gained about 25 pounds throughout the 9 months and I am convinced that it made my delivery much easier too! :) You can do it!
bike riding when pregnant? super woman! i was too fat to do that :( lol
Personally having breakfast everyday crunchie nut (not the best but only one I can stomach) has helped nad it has folic acid and milk is good for baby :) I also love natural yogurt and fruit, as you can put sugar on it is sweet enough. I do have treats though but learnt not to binge as I don't need to feed two ;)

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