How do you improve your packs?


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Not necessarily to improve them, as I do like my packs, but for variety - chilli flakes, dried basil and black pepper in cottage pie, make the chocolate milkshake up thicker for a mug and heat it up for a hot chocolate, make packs with more or less water to alter the consistency of them - a bit less in tomato soup and you get heinz consistency! Some days I like my oatmeal runny, others quite lumpy! Keeps it all fresh :)


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Every now and then i make up my milkshake quite thick and microwave it for 1 min. Has the consistancy and taste of a lil muffin ! I have frozen milkshakes and made soup into crisp. Otherwise i add cinnamon to a lot of the milkshakes and to the meals and soups extra chilli or garlic ,pepper...things in my cupboard really :)