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How do you increase calories?

I'm not very hungry these days but I don't want to go into starvation mode. I think my calorie intake is too low. What do ou think?

B - 2 eggs with mayo (bit of butter)
L - Soup with turkey, spinach and cauliflower (stock from turkey and butter)
D - cheese, eggs and some kind of meat if I'm still hungry.

Snacks are baby bels, and turkey.

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I've no idea about calories, but I have 3 eggs. I didn't realise soup was allowed!
My Soup is home made. I cooked up a turkey the other day, so i used the cooking juices ad the bones to make a stock. I then cooked it up with chopped turkey and a couple of florets of cauliflower and spinach and whizzed it all up in a blender. It sure tasted yummy! :)
It doesn't look to me like you're low in cals as you're eating butter and mayo which are quite calorie dense. If you're worried, you can always add some more fats.

Are you eating 5 portions of veg a day? Your menu looks a bit veg-lite.

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ooo watch out jim you have a contender for the veg throne LOL:0)
Do you think i'm not having enough veggies ? I have about a cup of cauli/broccoli a day plus 3 chunks of spinach. I looove spinach :) I'm not particularly fond of veggies :(
You probably want about double that or you'll be lacking in nutrients. If you really hate veg then think about taking a good multivit and some additional potassium (people on here will think I do nothing but bang on about potassium!). The best way to get potassium in a low carb diet is to buy the lo-salt, you know the salt replacement stuff as it is made from potassium.
I like Avocado - does tha cound LOL! Okay I'll do better tommorrow. Its just that I'm not always that hungry. Which is a good thing I guess.

Thanks for the help, I'll get some lo-salt and vits just to be sure :)


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Don't forget good old healthy fats in oily fish and nuts. :cool:

I'm sure I remember eating a fair amount of them when I was on Atkins, but hopefully someone more uptodate (jim) will correct if it's not allowed any more.


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Avocado is good. Nuts are allowed in phase 2 onwards but not on induction.
Ah right. Did wonder about that. Oily fish is okay on induction isn't it? Fab stuff. I could eat mackerel but the bucket full. A reincarnated seal I think :D
I have been really good and not commented on this thread

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this is My time to shine!
lol !!!
:love047:you two crack me up
match made in heaven perhaps ?????

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