How do you Keep fit?


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Thought we should have something in this section! After all we all know that losing the weight is only half the battle, to keep it off we all need to adopt a healthier lifestyle and get active so what are you doing to keep fit?

I have a gym membership and strangely used to be there 3 or 4 times each week when I was at my heaviest. Probably trying to earn the calories that I would consume in the gym cafe after my work out! (Yeah really!)

When I started VLCDing a year ago I stopped working out, didn't have the energy to begin with but then lost the habit. I have kept up my yoga, which I absolutely love and it keeps my head in the right place too. It's great for toning and I'm very flexible so I hope it will keep me supple as I get older but I enjoy a cardio work out too as such I intend to get back into a proper routine and have booked an induction slot so my fitness can be re-assesed and a new programme devised. I'm going on Friday and will report back to you then.
i joined a new gym recently thats just opened right across road from my work so no excuses now! its lovely, same price as I paid before but minus the travelling half an hour and the classes are all free as well.
I go 3-4 times a week and do 20 mins on cross trainer, 15 minutes on bike, then do some work on weight machines. I then do aqua aerboics on a friday. I have to really push myself to go most of the time but as soon as I am there I really enjoy it and feel so much better for it!!
Its great as there arent too many 'look at me im stunning' people in there and the instructors are really helpful. Good luck on friday and good on you for getting back into it! x
Ive been going on toning tables for the last 3 weeks, it seems to wpork, and you can definately feel the muscles which you have been working, but in the long term I will be joining a gym. I kind of see the toning tables as a way of easing myself into a gym routiene!!!
I love my pedometer and find that joining in life with my 4 year old keeps me active all day long and I don't have to remember to do it :D

I really have to make an effort to start using my resistance band again as I need to tone my legs arms and tummy :eek:
Thanks Cheb for starting this thread:)

I was doing the gym...been a long time now since I went:(

I have a mountain bike that needs to be used.

I do work out with a set of light weights and do simple toning and stretching exercise but need to get into a routine of walking again as I find this is the best one for working off the belly fat.

I also got a new pedometer and have not gone above 4,000 steps in a day yet:( :rolleyes:

Would love to take up swimming and still thinking about it.

Love Mini xxx
I must admit I have completely lost the habit of exercise at the moment and now realise how great I felt when I was going to the gym, walking and swimming......after the chaos I'll definitely be increasing my activity levels.

Have just bought a bike so looking forward to getting on it and cycling with hubby and daughter as they usually leave me behind!
HAve started rebounding and love it although I tend to just have fun on it and dance to my ipod but it gets my heart rate up and I'm sure its a great stress buster too. For toning I've got a pilates performer which I adore, have been doing it most days and have really noticed the difference in my posture and strength. Generally speaking I've been a gym-phobe but am considering joining. Would love to use the pool but feel pretty self consious about all that skin:D Still at least it's empty now!!!
I am one of those people who buy gym memberships and then don't go :( I have finally admitted that despite David Lloyd being 2 minutes from me and despite it being lovely and despite there being lots for the kids to do i am NOT going to go so have cancelled my membership.

I have instead got myself a trainer - primarily to stop myself from total utter embarrassment in the Great South Run but also to make some attempt at ending 2006 as slim and fit as i've ever been!

Having now realised that being the lazy cow i am i am doing less and less in between his sessions i have split the sessions so from next week he is coming 2 mornings at 7am to take me for a half hour run and for a full hour on another morning for the run and resistance!!! arrggghh - only got to drag my sorry ass out to do it the other 3 days on my own!! (he does allow me one day off).
Hi Cheb, Rebounders are basically strong, small types of trampolines that have good resistance. They're apparently used as part of the training for astronauts!!! What I love about it is that its impossible to do without smiling :) and great fun to do to music.
I am back to using my sledertone again now my wobbly bits are less wobbly and smaller :D
I dont own a car, and I live far away from the bus (20 minute walk). So i get my exercise done then, it ads up to 40 minutes daily to just get to school, plus walking around the massive campus!

I am a complete gym junkie these days!! I started when my depression was bad but I had always been a regular swimmer. I feel so much better in myself and it is working at removing the lard. I do 60 mins cardio and 20 mins weights. Some times I do more cardio if I have the time but a minimum 60 mins cardio a day seems to work. I use the treadmill and the bike on programmes designed for weightloss and building cardiovascular strength. I only do what I enjoy and it makes me feel motivated. I work out 5-6 times per week and even did it on holiday!!!!:) :) :)
Off to the gym for a salsacise class this pm, used to go twice a week but with the kids off school my routine was all over the place. Looking forward to getting back there today. I'm really bad at it but I emjoy it anyhow and the music is great, you can't help but dance about; even though it is a different dance to everybody else!!!!!

Rebounding sounds fun, but they don't offer it at my gym, I'll put it in the sugesstion box.
I have done the whole gym thing in the past and hated it. It was a real chore to get there and I clock watched dreadfully whilst there.
These days I own a horse. I cycle to the farm twice a day to see to her thats just over 8 miles. I walk to get her in from the field and depending on where she is that can add a couple of miles walking. Then there is all the mucking out in the winter and lugging bales of hay and straw, water is incredibly heavy...need at least two buckets a day from the tap across the yard. Add to that the riding. It's not just sitting there and letting the horse do the work I work up a real sweat riding. As well as all that my family and I are great hikers. We go up into the peak district for walks of up to 20 miles.
The best bit is none of it feels like the dreaded E word.
Three years ago i was a gymaholic i practically lived in the place, when i wasnt at work until i hurt my neck which is when i put the 3 stone on. (i seemed to forget you can't eat the same amount and not exercise!)
Now i do 15 mins three times a day on a x trainer at home and use my slendertone on my stomach as i cant do ab crunches because of my neck.
Before i started CD i used to do 45 mins twice a day on the x-trainer but i just dont have the energy anymore to continue for longer.
I also have a rebounder but it makes me feel dizzy and i always need the loo when im half way through the routine!!!!
Hi c2b

You're so right right about the E word, the best way to keep fit is definitely by making life more active, especially if you're not a fan of formal exercise.

Mind, I love the gym. Not so much the actual gym, pumping iron etc, but I enjoy some of the classes and for me it's a social thing. I go with friends and we enjoy a laugh and a chat over a coffee afterwards. Used to be lunch but don't do that any more!!