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How do you kick start your motivation?


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I'm 265 lbs and totally annoyed at myself for numerous reasons, main reason being is my motivation - I really want to lose the weight I'm carrying around and I know that I can do it if I stick to it but I just can't seem to get my motivation to start - I know I can walk to my workplace and I tell myself that I will do so in the morning but then when I leave for work I opt for the bus and also at lunchtimes I can see the healthy option on the shelf but if I'm stressed out or have a late lunch I seem to plump for the unhealthy option!

Any tips for kickstart myself?

It's nice to be back on here, been away for a while :)
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maybe u need to assess WHY u want to lose weight in the first place? ive been umm-ing and ahh-ing for years and years, but its only been recently that ive actually tried to change to lose weight after being officially diagnosed with arthritis in my knee. i knew deep down that i had it anyway but having it written down on paper is scary

something that motivated me was working out my body fat percentage, i think mine was something like 47%, and i thought oh my jesus almost half of me is literally just FAT, the most scary part of that being that i know most of that fat isnt just on my tree-trunk thighs, or my bingo wings or back fat, but actually in and around my heart, my lungs etc

pretty damn freaky stuff!

i can guarantee, that if u walk to work just once, you will feel a million times better for doing it :) leave the bus fare at home so you have to do it :D then at lunch time maybe youll think 'oh if i choose the unhealthy food, i'll be eating back all the calories i burnt this morning'

im struggling a little bit to think of anything else to say as its late lol

dig out some clothes that used to fit you, look at them and think 'i WILL fit into you again!' or find a picture of you when u were slimmer and use it to motivate you

hope this helps :)


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agree with above, you really need to want to loose weight before you start a diet, or all that will happen is that you fail it.

Why don't you come on the forum for a week or 2 as often as you can.... have a look around, see whats going on, have a look at all the diets etc, and see if you can find one that will fit your lifestyle.

Unfortunatly, you will have to address the issues you have with food, as food is only really good for feeding you... it has no real benefits to making you feel better emotionally, it can't fix anything.... just the opposite really..

Why dont you make your own food and take it to work ? like a soup in a thermos... and leave the money at home so you can walk to work....

Lisa x


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So today I made lunch, a ham sandwich with lots of spinach leaves, an orange and a packet of walker baked - that way I know what I'm getting for lunch an I left my card at home so I can't buy anything more :) got a different direct bus to work this morning but as of next week I will save myself some money and walk it :) thanks for the tips, I have an outfit that I want to fit in to and I have it hanging on the wall so I'm constantly reminded of why I'm doing it - well that and the health benefits :) thank you loads for the tips and things - very helpful :)
I think you are making an excellent start today !! it's all about small steps, like taking food with you and no cash, walking a tiny bt further-it all adds up !!
how did lunch go? sounds like you're doing very well already :)

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