How do you know how much is enough?

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  1. Yogi13

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    I'm struggling to know how much I should be eating. I've found in the two weeks since I started Dukan that my appetite has shrunk massively and I'm also drinking lots more than I would have. I had yogurt for breakfast, a ham salad for lunch, 2 litres of water and a couple of mugs of tea. When I was driving home from work I started to feel really nauseous (like car sickness, which normally I would only ever experience as a passenger and travelling on an empty stomach). I didn't feel hungry before I set off but struggled to get home as it's a two hour drive. I was tempted to stop and get something sweet to see if it'd help but couldn't face breaking the diet. I was actually sick after I got out of the car but once I'd eaten was ok. Do you think this happened because I'm not eating enough??? I was relying on appetite to gauge amount that doesn't seem to be a good gauge anymore. Thanks
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  3. maddy1

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    Doesnt seem much food there to be honest a yoghurt for breakfast is not enough i dont think, and with you drinking all the water that has filled your belly up so your not going to feel hungry, a better protein breakfast would do you better.
  4. robinhood

    robinhood Gold Member

    In order for the diet to work, you need to eat enough protein. As a guide, 1-1.5gr of protein per kilo that you weigh so you're definitely not having enough.

    I would imagine you were sick because your stomach was empty - prepare some Dukan-friendly snacks to have while driving because a 2 hour drive on an empty stomach is not a good idea, I'd say. I know appetite can be a problem while in cruise, little and often is good if you can't face a full meal.:)

    Check out the menus for some ideas but as a rough guide on a PP day I'd have 1 whole egg and an extra white or two, a chicken breast and leg, about 300gr fromage blanc (fromage frais or quark), 2 fish fillets and either some prawns or smoked salmon (about 50gr I'm guessing for the last 2) as my protein - I have some milk too and maybe a yogurt if I'm hungry. No idea how much that is, but guessing well about 100gr.

    I'm on phase IV of the diet, so protein features less on other days, but I probably still have enough to get 1gr per kilo I weigh.
  5. Yogi13

    Yogi13 Full Member

    Thanks for the advice guys. I'd more protein today and feel better for it, that combined with the successful effects of milk of magnesia and soluble fibre has me on the right road again today I think. I'm sure part of the nausea is due to carrying all I 've eaten for nearly a week! Sorry if that's TMI.

    CHRISR Gold Member

    Glad to see you feel better x

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