how do you know if someone has stolen yur identity?


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I just had a policeman (very nice he was too!) knock on my door and say he'd brought me my passport because it had been found in a nearby village last night. Well As far as I knew my passport was upstairs in my bedroom and I haven't been to that particular village for quite a while.

Then he opened it up and showed me the photo in and asked if that was me last year, well the only similarity was dark hair! so I told him it wasn't and he said oh, thats strange you were the only hit in the north east with your name with that same spelling. He wen't away again after that (shame)

But anyway now I'm worried incase someone is using my identity when its obviously not me. Anyone know how I can find out if someone is or not?
Might be wiorth checking your credit , go to experien and you can get a months free trial.... then you can see you credit rating...... Apart from that not sure what to suggest....
if i was you i,d go to the local police station and inquire about it and expain everything to them as that to me sounds very suspitous
better to be safe than sorry
debbie :(
Hi kati,

I would take Debbies advice and go to your local police station and check it out.

Ask them for more information and I am sure they will help you out.

Love Mini xxx
well he was from the local police station so wont they have to look into it more to find out who it belonged to? Unless they just have a lost property thing there and they put it in. But shouldn't they think it's suspicious themselves? I will give them a couple of days then go down and ask about it.

the father of one of my kids friends is a policeman maybe I'll ask him about it if he's at the school this afternoon